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  1. Loganwan

    REVIEW: 20014 4x4 Dynamo

    I like those new tires. It sure looks like it should at least be close enough to mini-fig scale to work. Guess people who get the set will have to get to work on that. Maybe it is the large tire size that will hold them back a bit.
  2. Loganwan

    MOC: UCS Smash'n'Grab Rig

    Very nice. Good color choice! That red is really pleasant.
  3. Loganwan

    Lego Tintin

    I think the dog looks really good. It is a nice size, short compared to the figure. I really like the tail too. Oh yeah, the mushroom looks good too. :D
  4. Loganwan

    MOC: Tool Box

    Your pressure washer looks generic enough to be anything the user wants it to be. A washer, vacuum, pneumatic wrench. There could even be different attachments to hook to an air tank. The tire dolly is good too. I am sure it would be hard to a Lego man to pick-up a tire that is half his size. Thanks for sharing the new stuff.
  5. Loganwan

    LED enhanced Taj Mahal

    Very nice lighting. With the light coming out from between the bricks, it seems like there is something mystical going on in there. I like the pink/purple glow.
  6. Loganwan

    MOC: IZ Emporium

    Very nice. I think the thing that stood out for me first was how you had good textures and colors on the back of the building. You did not shy away from detailing the back. The store looks really good, with all of the merchandise for sale. Your people have so much going on, it is hard to catch it all in the first pass. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Loganwan

    Avatar MINIs: Scorpion Gunship and Valkyrie Shuttle

    Ah, you people and your rotor craft vehicles from Avatar. Just remember that the designs were stolen from GI Joe Sigma 6. ;) I really like the Scorpion. It is really well done and gives the proper look. If you had just put up a picture and no explanation, it would have been easy to figure out what the vehicle is. Nice use of different pieces for the guns. It really gives a little texture to the small model.
  8. Loganwan

    SMP-T Dragon with overbooster add on

    Very nice. I would not want to be the bad guy seeing a few of these coming my way.
  9. Loganwan


    That color scheme is...uh...familiar somehow. Wait a Minute!!! You better watch it! Tony Stark is going to come after you for copyright infringement for the red/gold color scheme. ;) The vehicle has really nice smooth lines that gives it a very futuristic look. You did a very good job of making the vehicle look well armored, but still be able to keep it looking nice and not too boring. There are some nice greebles around that make it look machine. And of course, to those are some beautifully giant tires.
  10. Loganwan

    MOC: Spanish Revival Apartments - Modular Style

    Six apartments?!?! Those must be tiny little apartments. :D And I am sure, in a building like that, they go for a premium anyway. I really like the design of the building. The courtyard is really nice with all of the plants hanging all over. The modular park sections really add a pleasant touch to the building as well.
  11. Loganwan

    CITY: Extremely random photos from Lego City!

    Your medical center is really nice. It looks very up-scale. The round front on the big windows is fantastic. It really blends in well with the growing glass-front city you are creating. It is nice that you were able to incorporate the landing pad as well.
  12. What a fun set. I sure hope we get to see more from the Action themes, away from the movies. These came out in my dark ages, and I could really use a few of these now. The truck is a really nice addition. It looks cobbled together as something you might find chugging through the desert looking for adventure and treasure. Thanks for the review.
  13. I sure like that hot rod. I could see them tearing across the dusty desert with goggles on, looking for their next adventure...or trying to get away from the Pharoah's undead army.
  14. Loganwan

    MOC: American Fire Truck

    Beautiful! I have to know first off: How many ladders do you have stacked up there on top to make the extension? And how high does it reach? I put an extra ladder on one of my TLG fire trucks, but this looks like it would reach awesomely tall. As someone who lives right near a fire station and has them screaming by my house at 50mph, this looks spot on. Does 8 studs fit in with the Lego City theme, or is it too big? I sure can see that 8 studs just seems to work better than 6. I sure hope you are at least 99% happy with the truck. It is very nice.
  15. Loganwan

    MOC: Tool Box

    Really nice. I would definitely buy an impulse set like this. What is it, like 12 pieces including the minifig? I bet you could even include welding tanks or something else "mechanical" and still fit it in to the piece count of the impulse sets. He fits in perfectly with the truck service center.