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    10222 Winter Village Post Office

    Due to global warming, the amount of snow is significantly reduced this year... Back to the set, I am definitely getting this set and display it with the previous ones. I still hope Lego will consider re-release the Holiday Train from 2006/07 sometime in the future.
  2. Nohohon

    Expand the Winter Village Contest Voting Thread

    Blackicep8ntball 1 point R66Y 1 point Dix 2 points jacob13 1 point Total 5 points
  3. Nohohon

    Power Miners 2010

    So far we have seen all 4 of the announced sets, 8188 Fire Blaster being number "12" 8189 Magma Mech has "14" sticker the little vehicle from 8191 Monster Jail has a "16" sticker My guess is the 8190 Claw Catcher will be "13". So there will at least be 1 more Power Miners set as number "15", perhaps a TRU exclusive?
  4. Nohohon

    City 2010

    I agree it's a bit too simple as a standalone set, but if put together with all the other Farm sets, it will be a perfect farm scene. we have cows, dog, cat, horse, rat, and now piglets! And the colour scheme is consistent with 7637
  5. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    IMO, this set is not bad at all since you get everything that a mining station should have: pipelines, lights, lots of equipments. But of course it could be better. I think the set is kind of empty, especially the huge "gap" between the two towers, maybe they can make a third tower (not as tall as the other 2) with a little digging machine? or a storage? or something else to fill up the gap? And it would be nice if there are 2 vehicles instead of 1: maybe a small hovercraft (like the one from rock raiders). But the price will be a problem. Basically I am satisfied with the set
  6. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can also get us the prices for the 2 sets :) Thanks
  7. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    the base looks great! I am very excited. 1 thing I dislike is the dynamite launchers because it's too repetitive (I believe this is the 4th time!?). Other than that I think is great Looks like we will get: - a base (divided in two sections but linked) - dynamite launchers - a small vehicle/dump truck - at least 3 miners - a big rock monster (maybe another small one?) - some crystals - and I wonder what's the big big wheel (from exo-force) do... probably part of a mechanism that deals with crystals? because I see crystals coming out from the middle of the right section
  8. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    and I think it's a TRU exclusive, because one of the picture has "special edition" on the box
  9. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    Cave Crusher video from lego official site here
  10. thanks for your info, I am very excited about the new pics you provided . but the price tag ... anyways, I have a feeling that this set is a S@H exclusive but who knows
  11. Nohohon

    Which set should I buy?

    definitely the new construction site. i just bought it last week. but i think this set is overpriced, lucky that i got 25% off at TRU when purchasing 2 or more sets. i've built it, and the set itself is pretty good, you get a 3 story building, a small version of the XXL crane, a mini digger, an elevator, and a very long trailer. i wish the crane and the digger be bigger, but yea. construction site!
  12. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    it does look better than the previous "blurry" pictures. especially the titanium command rig.
  13. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    haha, thanks. Just one more question, in US, is it only online purchase? or it will be available in the stores as well (on the shelfs)?
  14. Nohohon

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    Do you know if it is only available in the US TRU's? what about Canada? bcuz i live in Canada.