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    MOC: The Obsidian Seawing

    Nice usage of those wing pieces!
  2. toolewab

    MOC: Minas Morgul

    You captured the angles extremely well and even the bridge looks accurate to the movie
  3. toolewab

    [WIP] A playset for AFOLs on Dagobah

    Very well done! I love the detail in Yoda's house
  4. toolewab

    REVIEW: 5001621 Han Solo (Hoth)

    I am so envious of you! You got the set already!
  5. toolewab

    We are displeased by TLC's customer service

    they have gone out of their way to be helpful and to resolve issues.
  6. This box has what appears to be a hand painted box top
  7. toolewab

    Is MOCpages ready to grow up?

    I'm gonna start using that.