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  1. Couldn't you just remove the wheel and poke an axle through the other side?
  2. Maybe it would be stronger if you built steering hubs similar to how nico71 did here
  3. Hmm you really shouldn't need to make it stiffer... what I do is just change the length of the springs
  4. Technyk32231

    Class One Unlimited Buggy

    I'm not saying I don't believe you, I'm saying that it does not make sense theoretically. The only way I can think of for that to work like that is if something is weird with one side of the drive.
  5. Those steering axles will be strong enough, I should know. I designed pretty much the exact same axle over two years ago. Also if you're using leaf springs, it would be more realistic if you use long plates fixed to the axle. The plates work surprisingly well as springs, LPEPower uses them for springs a lot.
  6. Technyk32231

    Class One Unlimited Buggy

    Still makes no sense. As letsbuild said, the torque to each wheel becomes (x+x)/2. If you have the same overall input torque and same gear ratio, hard coupling the motors will not affect performance
  7. I had made a macpherson strut a while ago that used a 135 degree angled coupler (idk what else to call it, but an axle goes in each side and then there's a hole in the middle), then put an axle in the top with a spring on it. A sliding axle is much stronger than the lego shock absorber rod
  8. Technyk32231

    Class One Unlimited Buggy

    That makes no sense to me. Coupling the two motors together shouldn't affect overall output, since they are driving two independent shafts. You're still driving both shafts with two motors total, so each wheel should still get one l-motor worth of torque.
  9. I would agree that 62.4s would look better on this, but if you're set on using those wheels then I would suggest finding the black 6-hole rim for those tires. Those would look a lot better
  10. That black axle isn't new. It's actually just an old piece they haven't made in a while
  11. I honestly did not think that the "old" one had that much slack. Also the last time I was on this forum, the 42000 hubs were basically new
  12. Wow, the stuff I've missed in the past year.... i didnt even know they made long pneumatic cylinders...
  13. I think this would be great in a style like the Local Motors Rally Fighter...
  14. Technyk32231

    XL differential MK II

    I think that may simply be because of the massive load on those axles.
  15. However, if those diagonal braces bend then they aren't doing much.