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  1. Hi, dunes, Yes, I've seen the error. Should be a simple black pin. Maybe there are more errors. It would be fine if you can update the Ldraw file with motomatt's actuator included: So I can make updated instructions and hope that I finally have all the parts to build the construction to find out the right building steps. Greetings Alex
  2. Hi, JDL1967, The latest instructions I've made was the version without suspensions an the boom modified with Firgelli actuators. Because of the big file size I've zipped the PDF file. You'll find it here for download: And here is also the LDRAW file: The Part list you find in the instructions. Greetings Alex
  3. Hi all, It's glad to see that the grove crane still has some popularity. I'd now some time to create a quick'n dirty instruction from effermans' superstructure. Until now I could not build it to test the functions, because lack of parts. So it's possible that the instructions can have some errors. In the Ldraw file I have included the Lego actuator from motomatt, but could not integrate it in the instructions, it needs some modifications in the superstructure. So feel free to use and modify the instructions I made: grove6400 superstructure.mpd grove6400 superstructure.pdf Greetings Alex
  4. Hi there, I've made made an LPUB version from his instructions, you can still download them from my Bricksafe account. See link here: Greetings Alex
  5. I think so. Instructions would be fine. The only possibility: Disassembling the model part by part and make photo instructions by reversing the steps. Then create a LDAW file. Even that would take some month. That's I see by trying to recreate the LDRAW file from the LFX file from Gabi_BC. BTW: Congatulations, Orinoko! IMHO the best Introduction ever, incredible MOC which deserves a place in the HOF! You are a very talented Technic Builder. Greetings Alex .
  6. @ Gaby_BC & Marini Excellent work! Very impressive and a monstrous version of the BWE! How long would it take for creating and modelling? How much parts? I've tried to convert the LXF file to an LDRAW file - and as always - with a horrible result So I've thought to recreate the file from scratch. Only the step order isn't perfect to rebuild the model. And as I haven't the necessary parts, I'll never be able to build it. Instruction would be interesting - if someone has enough time and patience. But I don't think so, because I believe that an instruction project will take probably 2 years... Even just the creation of the CAD file maybe takes some month..... Greetings Alex
  7. That's true. That's why I like the older technic sets, it's still a real challenge to build them. At the moment I'm building the 8880 - looking forward to the finished model :) But in real the hardest builds were models from other Technic enthusiasts. For ex. Sheos Mining Excavator. Greetings Alex
  8. Hi Gabi, As I know, sheo has made the instructions from a .lxf file. I've an LDRAW .mpd file, see here Greetings Alex
  9. What an impressive MOC! Congratulations for you work, it seems you spent lots of hours to get a perfect result, the video is excellent! Greetings Alex
  10. Impressive! And another MOC on my to-do list. Keep on working on further interesting creations. Greetings Alex
  11. No, I haven't registered it on Rebrickable. I tried already to register one of the Moc's, but I was not succsessful, I made something wrong in the procedure. So, can anybody register it? Greetings Alex
  12. Hi, Long time announced, finally have finished the instructions from the amazing rocket launcher, created by CP5670. Personally, it's one of my favorite MOC's. Generally I took the updated LDRAW file from blakbird as base file, and made minor changes only by using some newer technic parts. IMHO its the best combination of new and old technic parts, and this model shows what is possible if you combine both worlds. You can download the LDRAW File and the Instructions PDF file here: Launcher.mpd Enjoy the building! Greetings Alex
  13. Excellent build! And so realistic Are there any instructions for it? Greetings Alex
  14. Hi dognosh, I've read the thread with the modded technic actuator (which is an excellent solution ), but didn't have the time to build the model with this actuator. In future time I plan to implant the actuator instructions in my own instructions, and even to test it with efferman's boom. I think too you should follow the suggestion from motomatt. An improved version of the actuator instructions you'll find here: Greetings Alex