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  1. H Eric, I am so looking forward to receiving my metal rails, when do you anticipate the metal rails will be ready?
  2. meat1980

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    So i heard from a Lego retail store employee that Lego might put the Star Wars line on hiatus until the Rebels series is released. Anyone else heard this?
  3. meat1980

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I snapped some better close ups, which someone is posting for me momentarily on Rebelscum forums. I'd give it 30min and you should find them in the con news thread.
  4. meat1980

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    News right out if comic con Lego panel: January release will include a new tie fighter which actually is a nice improvement over the last one will include tie pilot with new head (not helmet), imp officer, death star trooper with new helmet, and a new droid (R5 series with new mold for head. Also showed a prototype for queen amidala mini fig. Got pictures which emailed to a few people. Lastly the new padawan cartoon is hilarious! Set your dvrs tonight!
  5. meat1980

    Batman coming back

    That was all they had out although the did have one more case with the super heroes label on it but it was empty...
  6. meat1980

    Batman coming back

    I have someone posting pictures i took very soon. They are up on Rebelscum forums already for those that can't wait!
  7. meat1980

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Uh oh what happened to Quinlan Vos?
  8. Introducing the Erotavoyager. This is my FBTB Moc Madness entry and my first MOC in almost 20 years. Ive been collecting Lego heavily for the last few years however this is my first attempt at making something from scratch since before the dark ages. If you liked this entry please show your support at FBTB by submitting a vote.(2nd to last entry in the Tatooine Regional Group) '>Link Please let me know what you think. This ship is large class vessel equipped to carry several bounties at a time. The ship is engineered using thrust propulsion. The crew never gets bored on long voyages due to the onboard entertainment. Captained by the fearless bounty hunter Zed el Dégoûtant This bounty hunter is so fearless he captures multiple bountiesat a time, the Erotavoyager has plenty of room to keep his prizes locked up below board in his specialized electro containment hold. If he happens to take a fancy to his prizes he can chain them upstairs in his own built in dancing stage.
  9. Im in AFOL in Sacramento so add 1 more to your count. :) I am always at the Lego store, and Heather and the gang all know me by name.
  10. meat1980

    D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

    1.= No I buy them based on individual appeal 2. = Individual, I buy the ones I really like or if I can get a deal I cant refuse. 3. = Golden Gate Bridge 4. = City - Elevated Train/Monorail = City - Zoo = City - Modular Hospital = City - Major League Ballpark (Football or Baseball) = Castle - Super detailed AFOL targeted Castle = History - Roman Colosseum = History - Wild West Town Center with Saloon, Blacksmith, and General Store = Star Wars - Super Star Destroyer = Star Wars - Jabbas Palace with improved Jabba figure and a minfig scale Rancor = Star Wars - UCS Slave I = Star Wars - Cloud City 5. = When designing City sets please make less emergency/rescue sets and more unique sets to complement our table towns. Other historic themes would be great!
  11. meat1980

    Star Wars license discussion

    I attended the Bricks by the Bay Convention yesterday where Mads Nipper (Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products) gave the keynote address. During the Q/A he said just this past Friday he and Lucasfilem agreed to continue with the license past 2011. This shouldnt be much of a shock to most people as Lego has been very succesful with this line.
  12. meat1980

    Review: 7208 Fire Station

    My apologies everyone, I was not aware that can happen. I have reuploaded the pics to a different site.
  13. meat1980

    Review: 7208 Fire Station

    I meant to photograph the stickers but I guess I forgot, I will get both of those for you tomorrow and edit my post. I think I covered all the new pieces, although the pieces with the groove where the garage slides through was a 1x2 and 4 bricks tall. To my memory I dont remember these groove pieces coming in this height, I have only seen them 1 brick in height, but I wasnt sure if they were new or not.
  14. meat1980

    City 2010

    It sounds good to me too! 7208 Review
  15. meat1980

    Review: 7208 Fire Station

    INDEXED Okay well this is my first time so hopefully you all think my review is okay. As I stated in the 2010 City thread by my surprise I found the new fire station yesterday at Toyrus. I also found the fire boat. Here is the front of box Here are the contents of the box. There are 8 numbered bags as we have been seeing with most sets lately. It always makes building much faster as there is no need to pre-sort. There are four separate instruction books. I am not a big fan of many books for one set, I would rather have 1 big book. Instruction book 1 makes the small fire truck. A fast build but certainly a nice little vehicle for the fire chief to ride around in. Instruction book 2 makes the fire engine which I must say I am a big fan. Here is the chasis. Here is a mid build shot. I did notice a few elements that I either dont recall or havent used much. The first notable piece is the 2x4 tiles, next was the 2x6 plate with 4 studs raised up, then the 1x1 brick with studs only on the top and one side. This next shot demonstrates the hydrolic raising system for the ladder. This system looks new to me too. Here is final shot of the engine. I really like the use of the big front windshield from City Corner bus. And now the construction crew is breaking ground on Lego City's new fire station. The crew continues work as the first garage is nearly complete. The white trim makes a unique use of 2x3 windows The construction crew made good pace and was able complete the fire station on time and on budget. Lego City now has an average fire response time of 30 seconds as there is a fire station on every block! Inside the fire station the fighters have some cozy quarters with some bunk beds a nice flat panel tv. Below the fighter quarters there is a reception desk with a computer and phone. It was very nice to see that TLG used printed tiles for these as opposed to stickers. The middle room is pretty bland and you have to wonder why there is a counter right in front of the front door. The 7208 fire fighters got their first call almost imeadetely when someone noticed a cat on the roof. They used their brand new net to rescue him. As a special treat I have included a comparison of the 7208 station with an older fire station. No not the 7945 (although I have that one too), no I am talking about the original Lego fire station. Lego sure has come a long way since then. You can see the bricks back then didnt combine together as well as they do now. Check out the old engine! And a box comparison shot Well there you have it my first attempt at a review here on Eurobricks. It sure is nice to return the favor of doing one of these, I know I always look forward to seeing them from those who get the sets much earlier than us in the US. Overall I think this a very nice set. I know that a lot of people are tired of Lego Fire but at least TLG did a nice job on this one, plus we get a few new elements (I think). I really like the fire engine, the big windows up front really look good. The station itself is very nice and is a good size. I do prefer this station over the 7945 but my favorite is the Fire Brigade.