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    New here - question about modular buildings

    Hi welcome here and welcome to the addiction called modulars.
  2. ronnyyun

    SRU Truck

    Interesting part and I could of used it plenty of times.
  3. ronnyyun

    (LCC)[Moc] The Mission of a Lifetime

    I was just looking at this on Flickr!
  4. ronnyyun

    [LDD MOC] Azure Angel vs. Ginivex Starfighter

    I can see you have put much effort into this!
  5. ronnyyun

    MOC: Arkham Incident

    It seems very realistic and the pic of batman holding the riddler's hat is awesome!
  6. ronnyyun

    Removing Minifig Heads stuck tight

    Use a Technic pin or a Technic beam, usually works for me.