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  1. Just wondering the same thing, went through recent posts, but its obviously for a post that may have been deleted already.

  2. Whoa, how'd he get banned?

  3. Fallenangel

    LDD 9525 Pre Vizla's Mandalorian Fighter

    This one? As for the LDD model itself... I'm impressed that you were able to reverse-engineer this set from the few pictures we've seen. Now Star Wars has not only its own Klingon bird of prey, but its own Vic Viper.
  4. Fallenangel

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Though that doesn't help the size issue much. A smaller solution for the cockpit bulb would be best, though I have yet to see anything better than the SPUD. It probably could have if a minifigure's head were a bit smaller. I suppose that was poor designing on my part. Keep in mind that this was back when my best work looked like this.
  5. Fallenangel

    MOC: The Order of the Stick

    Pepa Quin is a member here?! Incredible! Our subforum blog actually promoted your CUUSOO project not too long ago. Being a sucker for plate-based SNOT builds in general (I still remember how taken I was with your ARC-170 during FBTB's Episode III UCS contest, and of course your Falcon is still the best out there ) I absolutely loved the superb shaping and the ridges on your opee sea killer. I'm not familiar with this webcomic, but from the link you've provided you've captured the look of these simple caricatures nicely, the bricks adding a 'pixelated' feel that definitely makes them more cartoony. Almost like seeing them in a SNES game.
  6. Fallenangel

    UCS Flick Fire Missile

    In the interest of mitigating the ramifications of my poor example () allow me to ask you all what it is that you find at fault with flick-fire missiles. When I brought this up on FBTB some time back, one member actually argued the case that flick-fires can in fact be seen as evidence for sets improving over time (by including more play features, I suppose)... writing off the influx of negative feedback on these boards as contempt inevitable in adults' purchasing kids' toys. In fact, I've actually become rather tolerant of the idea over the years, provided the missiles aren't obviously shoehorned in (as in the case of the tree) and don't stand in for key armament (let's not forget this ).
  7. Fallenangel

    UCS Flick Fire Missile

  8. Fallenangel

    Pre-Vizsla sword

    ‘Purist’ usually refers to someone who does not modify parts. I’ve never seen the word used in the sense you describe.
  9. Fallenangel

    Website Outage

    A few hours ago the site suddenly refused to load for maybe half an hour. Could have been just a one-time thing.
  10. Fallenangel

    Imperial shuttle dimensions and display cases

    According to Shop@Home, 10212 is "28" (71 cm) tall on stand and 22" (57 cm) wide with wings deployed".
  11. Fallenangel

    9493 mods

    You could remove Artoo's legs and use the space around his body to hold the lightsaber, covering up the holes with tiles.