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  1. I purchased the new UCS MF on October 24th, 2017 and I received my new Lego VIP card in the mail today. Location: Ohio, USA.
  2. YavinBase

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    75192 cockpit mods. Mods allow for one stud gap between pilots and passengers and maximizes the cockpit area. 1. At the rear of the cockpit, remove the two 1x2 modified plates with rails and replace with plates to fill the gaps left behind from the removal of the 1x2 modified plates with rails. This will allow for the maximum cockpit platform area. 2. Extend the length of cockpit platform by one stud by adding a 1x4 plate at the front of the cockpit platform. This will place the platform flush with the front of the cockpit. Add two 1x2 jumper plates and two 1x2 grills for "seats" for two passengers. Add greebling such as deflector shield flashing alarm, auxiliary power lock in, etc. 3. Reinforce the bottom of the cockpit platform with plates. Do not extend plates below the bottom of the axle. 4. Seat minifigures on the cockpit platform. 5. Attach the cockpit windshield to the Falcon.
  3. I am a VIP member, but for some reason I did not receive the email regarding the wait list, or any VIP emails in general. If it was not for the eurobricks community, I most likely would have been unaware of the wait list. Page 28 of this topic has the email regarding the wait list. I was told when I purchased my UCS MF earlier this week that there were approximately 5,000 individuals on the wait list world wide.
  4. Thanks Cyanide-Tipped. I thought Lego was going to hold back until after today to contact individuals on the wait list due to the double VIP points. I lucked out. I was told that the black VIP card would be mailed and to expect it in about six weeks. I was also told that the cards are personalized with our names printed on them. I already told my wife to buy me the UCS Snowspeeder for Christmas and to apply my VIP $$$ toward the purchase.
  5. I received a telephone call from my Lego store yesterday morning that my USC Millennium Falcon had arrived and that I had 48 hours to purchase or it would become available to the next individual on the wait list. So yesterday evening I went to purchase it. I asked how many people were on the wait list. At my store there was 50 on the wait list, and approximately 5,000 world wide. I then asked how many Falcons were received at my store for wait list individuals. Eight were received, and I was eighth on the list! My patience paid off as I scored DOUBLE VIP points ($75.00 worth)! I was also told that additional Falcons would be shipped in a few weeks, with the goal of filling all wait list orders by the end of 2017.
  6. I received the below email from a Lego associate from my local Lego store. It sounds like my UCS MF will 'land' within a week! The force is strong with you! Your Millennium Falcon is scheduled to arrive within the next seven days. Upon arrival, someone from our team will call you to inform you that you can visit our store to purchase your Falcon. As demand for this item has been extraordinary, you will be provided a 48-hour window to visit our store to complete your purchase. If you are unable to make it to the store within 48 hours from contact, we will provide the opportunity to the next guest on our waiting list. We look forward to speaking soon and for helping you take this amazing set home!
  7. I received the following email today from Lego: Dear LEGO® Shopper, You are receiving this communication as you are a LEGO® VIP member who requested to be added to your local LEGO Store's Millennium Falcon wait list. We are happy to share that the ship that famously made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs is scheduled to land before the end of the year. As Han and Chewbacca complete the finishing touches on the Falcon, you will be contacted directly by your local LEGO Store team member with further details and instructions on how you can take one home. Please be patient and allow store staff to contact you as not all product will be available at once. Where you place on the waiting list will determine when you will be contacted. Stores will not be able to predict when you will be contacted until product arrives. May the Force be with you!
  8. I missed out on 10179, and boy, I am sure glad I did!! The exterior--marvelous!! An interior?!?!?!--unexpected!! When I first saw the pictures, I broke my jaw when it hit the floor!! So many details--two view ports for the upper and lower quad cannons, the new cockpit piece, the color scheme, greebles upon greebles...the list goes on and on!! I was going to get this set as soon as the rumors started. When the rumored price was dropped several months ago ($799 USD), I started saving. I am close to making this a day one purchase, if not, I will own one before the end of the year, if stocking this set is not an issue. I would buy this set without the minifigures. I was guessing that a Lando and a battle damaged Luke would be included in addition to what is included, but I am definitely okay with the minifig lineup as is. I am not into the Episode VII sets, but old Han, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 are more than welcome to join my collection. For those wanting Episode IV minifigs included, I am sure most of us can populate the Falcon with these minifigs from other sets. At least that is what I plan on doing. I will be at my Lego store tomorrow morning to hopefully see this set in person. I am curious about how the interior of the cockpit turned out.
  9. YavinBase

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    What piece are you referring to?
  10. YavinBase

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    "Lando, open the top hatch." If Lego included a top hatch, then, wow, all I can say is wow!
  11. YavinBase

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Especially a battle damaged wounded Luke.
  12. YavinBase

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    This Lego fan is definitely going to buy the new UCS Snowspeeder. I do not own the previous version, but based on the pictures, the new version is an upgrade. The top air flaps and the rear gun/harpoon movement features are cool. I also like the ability to tilt the display stand. The stickers do not bother me since in my opinion they do not add much to the model. I do not plan on applying them, other than the plaque sticker. I doubt that one of the pilots is Zev Senesca. Zev is named in set 8083 and his helmet in set 8083 is significantly different than either pilots helmet in the new UCS Snowspeeder.
  13. YavinBase

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    If what you posted is even a rumor, use a spoiler tag next time.
  14. I do not place my minifigures, licensed or non-licensed, directly on the studs (i.e.: the studs do not go into the receiver hole in the bottom of the legs). Rather, my minifigures stand directly on top of the studs. I place them standing parallel to diagonal studs so that they balance. Same goes for minifigures in a seated position. I place them in a chair, but the studs on the chair do not go into the receiver hole on the back of the legs. The reason I do this is because it has been my experience, which goes back to my childhood, that the bottom rear of the minifigure feet will crack due to the stud being inside the receiver hole of the minifigure leg. This may be caused by repeated instances of taking the minifigure off a stud and placing it back on time and time again. I am unsure if you place a minifigure on a stud fully so that the studs go through the receiver hole on the bottom of the legs and leave it that way indefinitely that no cracking of the bottom rear of the minifigure feet will occur, but I refrain from doing so despite the experiences of others as referenced in a few posts above.
  15. YavinBase

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    I performed the modification with the mixel joints to correct the sides of the fuselage from moving inward and outward as referenced by rollermonkey. Performing the mixel mod will have no effect on narrowing the gap. My gap does not seem to be an issue since it appears that it is similar in size from the day I finished building Slave I to now. However, I did perform the gap mod proposed by the OP and there was significant tension in the cockpit area which did not allow me to get the side walls of cockpit to fit back together. And yes, I used the correct pieces in the correct locations outlined by the OP, in case anyone suggests otherwise. I did not attempt to remove the mixel mod since it was tricky to get that mod to line up correctly, but I wonder if the mixel mod can exist with this mod.