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  1. Check your local Borders stores, people. Mine had a nearly full box of Series 1 figs near the register, and everyone was ignoring them. (Which made it easy for me to rifle through them with my cheat sheet, and get the ones I wanted!)
  2. liquidcross

    Review: 8097 Slave 1

    Great review, CopMike, as always! Definitely looking forward to this, as I missed the previous models. The minifigs are just the icing on the cake! Of course, I'll have to build a stand so I can display it "in flight"...
  3. liquidcross

    REVIEW: 6394 Metro Park & Service Tower

    Amazing review! I had never had this one growing up (it came out when I was 10), but after reading your thorough review...I'd sure as hell like to add one to my collection now!
  4. liquidcross

    FBTB closing down

    Maybe I wasn't posting enough at FBTB to notice, but what were their "draconian" posting policies and mods? I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm honestly curious, as you're not the first person I've heard grumbling about it.
  5. liquidcross

    FBTB closing down

    If it's a joke, it's a cruel one. FBTB was an invaluable resource to me when I got back into LEGO and Star Wars two years ago.
  6. liquidcross

    Lego Universe Beta

    I was able to install it into a Windows XP VM last night with no problems. Though, I couldn't sign in yet, as the beta's only playable on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, I believe. :) Still, the 3D ran fairly smoothly on the sign-in screen!
  7. liquidcross

    Lego Universe Beta

    Just got my code; going to try installing it into my Windows XP VM tonight. (I use a Mac, so I run Windows via VMware Fusion.)
  8. liquidcross

    LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

    Read it and weep! :D
  9. Please, PLEASE let that guy on the left be the quintessential Disco Honky. :D
  10. liquidcross

    REVIEW: 6624 Delivery Van

    Great review! This was one of my first sets as a kid, and still ranks as one of my all-time favorites; I rebuilt it a few years back, after the various pieces being in storage for around two decades. ;)
  11. liquidcross

    Discussion: Why do you build Town?

    I loved building vehicles (especially service fleet trucks, like police, fire, construction, etc) when I was a kid, and I recently got back into them about a year ago.
  12. liquidcross

    Review:7595 Army Men on Patrol

    Just got this; my local Target had 'em for $10.99. Only bought one, but I'm sure I'll get many more in the future!
  13. liquidcross

    Review:7595 Army Men on Patrol

    I need at least three of these!
  14. Just a question that's been buzzing around my head for a while. Star Wars fans in general seem to hate Star Trek with a passion, and love to bash the franchise while deflecting any criticism, even constructive, of their beloved saga. However, I've never met a Star Trek fan who hates Star Wars, especially in light of the new film. There's plenty of fans who like Trek more than Wars, to be sure, but rarely out-and-out hate like I've experienced from the other side. I can't figure out any logical reason as to why this conundrum exists. Anyone have thoughts on the subject? I've posted this on a few other boards, and gotten some interesting responses.
  15. Anyone heard about this? Just saw an ad for it in my local paper. Is this the first time they've done something like this? And more importantly, is this event AFOL-friendly? Any fellow forum members going to attend?