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  1. [MOC] EMD Model 40 switcher

    Awesome model! I love that you were able to pack all the electrics into the little body. There is a Model 40 in my local museum that one switched in the area. I may borrow some of your design ideas to build my home town 40. IMG_0285 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr Cale
  2. I was fortunate enough to see these in person at Brickwork this past weekend. Besides the minor things Coaster mentioned that he is already on top of, I was seriously impressed with the quality. The color looked good, the clutch seemed great, and they mated up with LEGO track perfectly. Also there was almost zero warpage of the rails, which is a problem with ME track, and even a problem with stock LEGO track. The BT rails should lay nice and flat when assembled into a layout. If the turnouts are as good as the curve samples I looked at, they will be worth every penny and then some. Cale
  3. PennLUG did some very extensive testing of the turnouts at Philly Brick Fest last month. We ran every configuration of steam locomotive we had through it, including a 4-4-0, 4-4-2, 4-6-2, 4-6-4, 0-6-0, 0-10-0, 2-10-0, 2-10-4, 2-6-6-4, 4-6-6-4, 2-8-8-2, 4-8-8-4, and 2-8-8-8-2. We also ran a few diesels and some pretty long passenger cars. We only had one major derailment, mostly due to running through switch at a stupidly too fast speed. Never once did the straight guards cause any issues. Though some added safety is always welcome. I personally would rather not have any hollow studs. Not every one will ballast these, and those that do will have differing styles. I agree with Coaster that making these turnouts blend with existing LEGO track is going to make for a better looking product. Seeing the exposed hollow studs would just be a distraction. I think we'll be able to ballast these pretty well without hollow studs. Here is what we came up with, and these prototypes don't have all the studs that Coaster has added to the design recently. I think they look pretty nice. IMG_4084 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr IMG_4083 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr IMG_4082 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr Cale
  4. Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Time to dig up this thread again. Philly Brick Fest 2017. PennLUG train layout. The train was led by my Norfolk & Western A class and Y6b, articulated steam locomotives double heading. Nate Brill’s awesome Erie Triplexadded a third locomotive as a pusher on the rear of the train. The rest of the train was made up of 23 freight cars and one caboose, later we increased it to 25 cars and 3 caboose, practically emptying our rail yard of all rolling stock. All three locomotives are Power Functions based. My two N&W engines in the lead are running 2 XL motors each with an I.R. receiver and PF rechargeable battery box per each locomotive. Nate’s Triplex on the tail uses 3 L motors and the I.R. receiver and rechargeable battery. There was no other power for the train, just the locomotives. Truthfully the train was a little over powered, just one of the front pair of locomotives could have probably pulled the train without the help of the other two. Coordinating starting of the train proved to be quite a challenge. Each locomotive had to be started simultaneously or the train would pull itself apart, even with using neodymium magnets between the couplers to increase coupler hold. But the challenge was worth it as we watched one of the coolest trains we’ve ever assembled make lap after flawless lap on the PennLUG layout. Cale
  5. We ran some of the prototype R104 turnouts on PennLUG's train layout at Philly Brick Fest recently. We were very impressed with the quality. The turnouts performed flawlessly all weekend as we ran multiple different trains through them, some at considerable speed, without issue. Scott Hoffmeyer has done an excellent job with refining the design. We're very much looking forward to the Kickstarter. IMG_4287 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr You can see some more of our trains running through the turnouts here. Cale
  6. Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    Well I'm all for a nice set of XL Boxpok. You know I have a WM Challenger to fix at some point. Thanks so much for your work with these. It's stuff like this that pushed the LEGO train hobby to new heights. Cale
  7. Thanks Holger. The 7777 idea book is a wonderful topic, It still influences many of us train builders today. More than one Nate Brill and myself have drawn inspiration from it of PennLUG projects. So I'm sure we will be doing a article on it at some point and I'll feel your Brickset one in mind. When we started Brick Model Railroader, I wanted to keep it simple at first and just concentrate on providing good articles on LEGO trains for the community. So instructions were not a focus we wanted to pursue yet. But I se there is a demand out there and as we want to continue to grow BMR, instructions are something we will be looking at. Cale
  8. As we have time and the opportunity we would certainly be open to revisiting some of the articles from RAILBRICKS. The LEGO hobby advances continually, and there is plenty of new information that could be added/updated to some of the original RB pieces. Things like the Reverse Engineering Challenge are dependent on a volunteer willing to take on that task. Ben Coifman handled that role for RAILBRICKS, I have not talked to him yet, but If he is willing we would certainly welcome him to reprise that role for BMR. Thank you for the suggestions, we will look into them as we are always interested in adding to and improving what we do. Cale
  9. BMR Boxcar 003 by Cale Leiphart, on Flickr BMR has a successful first week! Today, January 6th 2017, marks our first official week at Brick Model Railroader. And we have to say that the response so far has been awesome! We can’t thank you readers enough. It is for you and the LEGO® train community that we wanted to start BMR. You have all been wonderfully supportive of us as we get this project off the ground. In our first week of BMR being online we’ve had 5,500 views to our site, 64 registered users, 15 published articles, and 275 likes to our Facebook page. And this is only just the start. We look forward to growing and serving the LEGO train hobby for a long time to come. But in the meantime, to celebrate our first week we have something special for you, our readers. RAILBRICKS Issue 12 front cover RAILBRICKS Magaizine now available for download through Brick Model Railroader RAILBRICKS was a LEGO® train fan magazine produced from 2008 to 2014. 15 issues were produced in total. Several of the staff here at BMR were contributors to RAILBRICKS. While we were all sad to see the magazine fade away, we are proud of the issues produced, and the legacy that the magazine left behind. Without RAILBRICKS, BMR may not even be here today. The RAILBRICKS issues themselves still hold up amazingly well and contain a treasure trove of information for the LEGO train hobbyist. So we are very pleased that we can now offer the entire run of RAILBRICKS magazine, through Brick Model Railroader, free for download. Download RAILBRICKS Magazine So thank you for reading Brick Model Railroader. We hope you like what we’re doing and will keep coming back. We will continue to be a LEGO train news and hobby resource, and we will continue to keep growing and serving the hobby for many years to come. Visit Brick Model Railroader Cale Leiphart
  10. Introducing Brick Model Railroader

    Should be taken care of now. Cale We have some new articles up on Brick Model Railroader. Check them out. And we have more that we are working on. Cale
  11. Introducing Brick Model Railroader

    Thank you. We are working on adding contributors from outside the US. We want to cover LEGO trains from all around the world. Cale I would be open to hosting the RB issues on Brick Model Railroader. But the decision ultimately is up to Jeramy Spurgeon who own the RailBricks name and properties. We will look into it though. Cale
  12. Introducing Brick Model Railroader

    We wanted to start simple at first, and get things off the ground before we consider hosting instructions or other additions. Our main focus was providing valuable articles and getting momentum going. But hosting instructions is something we are open to considering for the future. We know there is a demand out there for it. But rather than rush into it, if we do branch into hosting instructions, we want to make sure we're ready, and that we could do it right. Many people have asked about the boxcar, and we're thrilled that so many fans like it and want one of their own. We have talked about making Boxcar available in some way in the future. We would certainly love to see it running on club layouts and on fan's home layouts. It would make a great ambassador for us. We could even have regular updates on BMR boxcar sightings. We're still discussing the when and how. However we're just getting this site started and doing that has been our main focus. But we do have plans for the car, so just be patient. And thank you. Cale Your tack geometry article would be a great addition to the site. Cale