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  1. Ralph

    The Brick separator Virus

    I take my "extra ones" to Lego shows where my LUG has a display up. I lot of them never come home... just as I planned.
  2. Amazing LDD work, thanks for sharing this! -Ralph.
  3. Ralph

    Chip's Ice House

    Very well done, great large scale use of the mason bricks. Ralph
  4. Ralph

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    I would like to see something along the lines of the Hobby Train as well. Lots of build options, and with more color as well.
  5. Ralph

    [REVIEW] 8275 Bulldozer

    Thanks for the review.
  6. love the ice carving, great work.
  7. Ralph

    Winter Village: Snowy Owl Beer

    nice work, detailed yet very compact.
  8. Ralph

    Winter Village: Swing Boats

    wow... very well done.
  9. Ralph

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Nope, so far nothing for me. :(
  10. Works on my Samsung 10.1 Note just fine. Ralph
  11. Ralph

    Article on minifigs

    As I understand it the hollow stud (hole through the top of the part) allows air to pass through if the part gets stuck in air way or throat. Thus preventing or limiting the choking... Ralph
  12. Ralph

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Very cool, I have registered, hopefully I get selected to BETA this. Ralph
  13. Ralph

    Early LEGO in Central Europe

    Wow, great work on putting this history together and thank you for sharing. Ralph
  14. Nice review. I have purchased several of these sets for the letters alone, to build signs around my city display. I use one set as a "sign" for in front of my MOCs when display those in shows. Ralph