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    Stolen NBT Scout Craft

    Thanks guys! I never thought of SP...maybe I'll make a dio once I get some new impulses...
  2. pdragon27

    Stolen NBT Scout Craft

    Thanks! I thought the chains gave it a real "Space Pirate" feel without distracting too much from the NBT...
  3. pdragon27

    Stolen NBT Scout Craft

    You know you're bad-megablocks when you steal from the Blacktron. This is my entry for the Space Pirates contest, a stolen and modified Blactron scouting craft. It is modified with a side mounted laser cannon and a harpoon for immobilizing prey... More in the GALLERY: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31819631@N06/...57619114657820/
  4. pdragon27

    Station 35

    Basically a mix of Post-Apoc and Ice Planet. Here's the story: The Ice Age struck 100 years ago and the military set up "heat stations" to gather thermal energy from the Earth's core. Then factions began fighting, thus the "post-apoc" part. This band of survivors has set up HQ at one of these stations, Station 35. GALLERY: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31819631@N06/...57619014259384/
  5. pdragon27

    The TwinTurbo

    The TwinTurbo is a wave racer custom built for speed, but sacrifices maneuverability. Capable of reaching speeds of 670 mph, it is one of the fastest racers, but it fails horribly in curved tracks. Consider it an "muscle" of wave racing. Its good on courses with minimal curves. See the rules of wave racing for more info. Also, see the gallery: GALLERY
  6. pdragon27

    Angel Skybike

    GALLERY Just a quick little MOC... I plan on making more of these (obviously, each will be different) in the future after I get some new SP sets.
  7. pdragon27

    MOC: Autorickshaw

    Thanks for all the great comments guys! And no, I don't believe one has been built. There are plenty of REGULAR rick-shaws, but not AUTOrickshaws.
  8. pdragon27

    MOC: Autorickshaw

    My grey collection is...lacking. As for the Yellow and red, I just thought it gave it some pizazz. :)
  9. pdragon27

    MOC: Autorickshaw

    It's actually very stable! And the way its put together, it has steering!
  10. pdragon27

    MOC: Autorickshaw

    An autorickshaw. Some of my best work yet, if I do says so myself.... This driver likes nice red leather, both for his passenger, and for his steering wheel.
  11. pdragon27

    The Bull Fighter (-bomber)

    Here's my contest entry for this month: The Bull Fighter (-Bomber) is an experimental heavy bomber with a payload of 21 bombs and two light cannons. It was never put into production, though, because it required a special socket for its two fueling horns to obtain fuel from. Despite this, Senor Gazpacho, a wealthy merchant, bought one. Why? No one knows. I really like this, I hope you did too! I don't know whether the fact that it holds 21 bombs was a sub-conscious stroke of genius or me just getting lucky, but hey, it works! GALLERY LINK!
  12. pdragon27

    Lego Star Wars 10th anniversary exclusive on May 3 and 4

    It could be a Padme fig we've all wanted for like ever...
  13. pdragon27

    Which Clone Era is your favourite & why?

    Stormtroopers. Why? One reason. FEMTROOPERS. And they are canon. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Recruitment
  14. pdragon27

    The Real Legoboy12345678

    Yep. THey were talking and then Legoboy gets into a fight with his mom about getting more battlepacks and halfway through, Brad and Fredrick decided to record it.
  15. pdragon27

    The Real Legoboy12345678

    I don't think he is, but its all over YouTube, so its cool. Its kinda funny how he also plagiarizes others work in his "Updates" video and when you tell him did, his supporters are like "Don't listen to him, he's probably some obnoxious 9-yr old who likes taking other's work. "