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  1. Schili82

    Big French/British Army

    At the moment only armybuilding. My daughter (1.5 years) takes up my whole time ;-) In theory I can rebuild almost everything. Why do you ask for? Special wishes?
  2. Schili82

    Big French/British Army

    Unfortunately, I was not yet on the battlefield. But i want to go there. Maybe this year. Thanks for the links. Very useful. Is there also a thread with a manual for the Decals? Which accessories i need... I didn't do it before. @ ImperialScouts: I think i collect this soldiers since 3-4 years. I didn't count a long time. I think i've got now 1700 soldiers. 1000 french, 700 redcoats. I could have more if the quality would be better. If i buy on Ebay for example 50% are bad. The colors of the original print are also often shifted. I only take very good torsos.
  3. Schili82

    Big French/British Army

    I want to rebuild a scene from waterloo. Maybe the fight around the La Haye Saint. So i also want to add the original flags on it. At the moment i am thinking about create my own figures (decals on torsos) because the original Lego soldiers don't look like the 1815 soldiers example "the coldstream guards". Now woody64 produces hats from the napoleonic era, comes to me very much conveniently. So i am able to creat different units.
  4. Schili82

    Big French/British Army

    Hello Eurobrickers, I am the owner of the big armies. @ Fluyt: Yes, on the big picture are "only" 585 Soldiers. In the middle block the third line soldiers have blue epauletts. This should be sharpshooters. I read in a book some of them had blue ones. The number of 1500 meant my 1500 shako hats i have. The big french army i also have as a redcoats army (585 soldiers) with blue epauletts. I tried to make more different units with existing torsos. For example i made with the old firemen a batallion english artillerymen. They have also the shako hat. @ all: Yes i took the playmobil bajonetts for my creation. After a long search i found them. They are too big a little, but better than actually none... So i am looking forward for woody64 bajonetts and his other creations. Stefan