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    Truck with Semi-trailer

    I look forward to seeing more.
  2. costabkz

    The Texas Tornado (4spd crawler)

    What a great combination of light weight, climbing/crawling ability, and articulation!
  3. costabkz

    (MOC) Tony Stark Learns To Fly.

    the parts on the floor don't make sense
  4. costabkz

    [WIP] A playset for AFOLs on Dagobah

    Its a tough thing to achieve!
  5. costabkz

    [LDD MOC] Azure Angel vs. Ginivex Starfighter

    It almost looks like an official set. I can see you have put much effort into this!
  6. costabkz

    First LEGO Sets introduced to Germany...

    Fascinating history snapshot, thanks for sharing.
  7. costabkz

    Removing Minifig Heads stuck tight

    Needle nose pliers work great.