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  1. I would not call the PF parts rare, because you are able to buy them sepetately in every lego store.
  2. 10179, if there is a proper set to come back, this has to be it ;)
  3. I have the feeling in our time it is more probable, that someone has a smartphone lying around than some old fashioned AA batteries. But let's first see if the Porsche will even have any kind of RC before we discuss the the how ;)
  4. Just 90° and a bit higher resolution and we would know :/
  5. maxxens

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I guess, that (if the GB house is the real deal) it will be more like the monster hunter villa or the simpsons house, i.e. standing free without walls to connect to other houses. But with a piece count of 4500 it should be fairly easy to modify it into a modular building ;)
  6. maxxens

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There is a barber shop in the detective's office.
  7. maxxens

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Recently I found in my old lego instructions the old red super car (the studded one) and the old yellow plane. I was amazed, how much happened in one step of the instruction and could not remember, that it was a big problem for my brother and me to complete these sets on christmas eve within a few hours. No idea, when they exactly came out, but we got them the same year (being born '79 and '81).
  8. maxxens

    42009 Single Instruction Booklet

    I have to say this is quite fugly... I love to read books and there is nothing what hates being open more than a paperback. Honestly I am a bit afraid that the book will lose pages after the third/fourth rebuild. I prefer the six books (which I also got) or even better the book of the Ultimate Falcon, best book ever :)
  9. I planned not to buy any Lego this year for christmas, but when I was shopping last weekend and saw the crane for 155€ in the shop I could not say no :) So my Christmas will be for sure quite yellow ;)
  10. I like the looks of the plane but the X/Z-dimensions are too big for my shelfes, therefore I cannot put it anywhere :/ BTW: I see a lot of work for dokludi ;)
  11. I thought the quotation marks made this quite clear :)
  12. The "only" thing you missed was a list of all the new technic-parts in 2014.
  13. Usually the first leaks come out around this month, but the first public news come out in around two months.
  14. maxxens

    [GBC] Jumper Module

    Unfortunately this has nothing to do with regulations but with the bitching around of youtube/google and the GEMA, the organisation in germany who is responsible to collect money from people who air music for the artists...
  15. maxxens

    42009 B-Model

    Sorry, I did not clarify the meaning of my post :) I meant "the only review right now is a video with a timelapse build" but I really prefer to look on pictures and read text than to watch a video. Call me old fassioned ;)