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  1. quote: Captain Coconut "This seems like an ideal use of the Revolutionary Soldier from the Series 10 minifigure set." Yes, I have 2 of them right here and was thinking the same thing ... but I'd need another 20. :-(
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    The pros and cons of being an exhibitor

    I exhibited my first MOC at my first show in Sydney, Australia last month. Not being a member of a LUG made it a great experience, talking to all the members and getting the low-down on the scene and their creations. 25,000+ people came through the show in 9 days ... it was umbelievable talking to sooooo many people. This is the MOC -> http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=81707 Considering the numbers, there wasn't really any damage ... a few soliders moved a bit, but nothing to worry about ... (which I did at first). I was overjoyed to win 2nd Prize for best in Show, actually beating the 3rd place Ryloth Refinery Battle that is featured on the frontpage of Eurobricks right now .... By the way, the Ryloth scene looks far more amazing in person, it's so good. I am already excited to build something else and exhibit again ... feels almost like releasing a 2nd album for a band, can you make something better than the first? :-) LOL.
  3. "Is it just me, or does the recent movie seem to get much better if you start picturing it as a Wolverine origin story?" Hahahahahhaahhaa .... brilliant .... we had a similar conversation when we left the cinema .... I hated that movie so much except for Samantha Barks as Eponine .... who is a stage performer anyways. Thanks, I'll add some more detailed shots on Flickr and post.
  4. Hi, thanks for all the comments ... I'm new here, so I don't know much about the file sizes .... it won't let me upload anymore, so do I need to make smaller resolution photos? As for the Red Coats, well yes, in the 1830's the Paris Guard and National Guard were in Blue Coats. But as I guess everyone knows certain LEGO minifig availabililites make that a little more difficult. Showing it at the Sydney Brick Show, 70% are kids .... so the cameo's help ... kids run up when they see soliders, see the cameos. and you hear "DDDAAAAAAAAAAADDDD. There's a stormtrooper in this one!" and then "DAAAADDDDD. There's a Batman ontop of the Building!!!!" ... They don't care as much about accuracy of the buildings and heights etc. :-) Still I love Les Miserables, so having some students photographing Jean Valjean and Javert on the left of the Cafe was fun to see.
  5. I built this for the Sydney Brick Show running this week. It's my first MOC since I was a teenager. I have always loved Paris, and always loved this scene in the book and movie of Les Miserables, thought it was time to make a LEGO version. But as I love Star Wars and super heroes I thought it needed a few touches. :-)