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    Pirates Teamwork Contest - Voting Topic

    Entry 5: 3 Entry 6: 2 Entry 1: 1
  2. I agree with you here. I just think that in addition to showing so much of Anakin's story line, they should show some of the war. Not that they don't, but in between Anakin's adventures it would be nice to see the many campaigns that are referenced in Revenge of the Sith, such as the Outer Rim sieges. Preferably, I would like these to be from the troopers perspective, sort of like the Umbarra arc (although some episodes without the Jedi shown would be ideal). I would also like to see some of the other lesser known Jedi's battles and campaigns.
  3. I hope that they address the darker side of the war in season 5. To me, season 4 made the clone wars seem like a fun adventure for all the jedi and droids. I would like to see a story arc dealing with clone troopers who feel used, and begin to despise the republic. I just want it to be about the war, no crazy story arcs about droids, dark jedi in hiding, and bounty hunters working in the fringe. I think I may be expecting too much as this is intended as a kids show, but it is a war after all. As long as its starwars though, I can manage.

    [MOC] A Slice of Kashyyyk

    I really liked this MOC, and then I saw the wookie tearing off the battle droid's arms. THAT made it awesome

    [WIP] MINI Death Star Battle

    If you want to try and fix the problem that Brickdoctor pointed out, you might want to attach a pair of binoculars to the underside of the central bubble. Then put in the green laser beams. Just an idea, great TIE though

    [MOC] Trandoshan Hunting Lodge

    Great job, I like the large skull/dragon head that dominates the room. It reminds me of a Krayt dragon.

    UCS Scale Sebulba's Podracer

    This is a fantastic model! I think my favorite photo it the on looking into the backs of the engines, I liked the thruster design with the wedge pieces. The greebling is very realistic, and the pod itself is very well done. Great MOC

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I mean a really well built, movie accurate sarlacc. Not that.....thing. I knew as soon as I posted my earlier comment that someone would make a reference to that one. Thanks anyways

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    All I know is that I want a giant, gray spaceworm from Empire Strikes Back. Maybe an asteroid to boot. Although a lego sarlacc would be pretty neat.
  10. AND3RSEN

    Order "99"

    That is quite hialrious. I can imagine the awkward silence! Great MOC, I like the hologram table.
  11. AND3RSEN

    Zombie and vaudoo priest Cube-dude.

    that is fantastic! the zombie is my favorite cube due of all time so far
  12. AND3RSEN

    MOC: ST40s / NEWAG 311Da

    Great Job 'Scrat'! I like how sleek the whole MOC is What really stands out is the awesome idea you used for the railings! Great Idea
  13. AND3RSEN

    Cargo bay

    Cool MOC '501st Commando'! This really reminds me of the hanger in SW:BF2 The two things that stand out to me are the staircase, which is fantastic. and the cargo boxes on the right. For some reason those boxes add so much to the MOC
  14. AND3RSEN

    Boba Fett Vs Boba Fett

    that would be simply amazing
  15. AND3RSEN

    J.A.G. - Jedi Attack Gunship

    Great job you fixed most things on it! i like how you removed the bacta tank the only other thing that i think you could add is a retractable ladder from the cockpit into the front interior, just a thought.