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  1. Yes me too for the bed linen and towel package :)
  2. Which one? Is there a good one where you can stay with kids? Like apartment?!
  3. Count me in too. Not sure if we come with the whole family but we have to leave Tuesday... Wednesday is going to be Iron Maiden concert :) Cheers Dana (+Manuel Emilia and Fiona)
  4. I will leave my friends place around noon and need about 2,5-3 hours
  5. Aredhel

    Günzburg 2019 trading post

    I have some sets to sell too: - 70335 (Nexo Knights Ultimate Lavaria) for 3€. - 21007 - Rockefeller Center for 65€ mint condition. - 20216 - Master Builder Academy: Robot & Micro Designer for 65€ as well mint condition. - 20200 - Master Builder Academy: Space Designer for 20€ mint condition. I can sort out some polybags too :)
  6. If some other things are arranged I can make it from thursday evening to Saturday morning ... Is there a possibility with the rooms still?
  7. I guess I still need to check if it’s possible for me. Maybe - when I find the time- we could drive together @Holodoc?! But due to have off the week after Easter to go to London I have to think about :/
  8. I still have to think about this years event. Maybe that will be the first time to cancel for me. My husband and I will be un London (Royal Albert Hall) at the end of April and maybe I can convince him for the Harry Potter exhibition (couldn’t watch it in Cologne some years ago :( ) I will follow and decide then. Cheers Dana
  9. Hi all. Just uploaded some mobile pics to Flickr: Hope that works out with the link ;-) Could be that Flickr sorted in the wrong way (so newest pics at first and oldest at last) Enjoy :)
  10. Hi all, for me the Eurobricks events really got something special, a thing I really am happy for attending for so many years. I am happy to meet new people but always even more happy to see familiar faces. Some of you really are very good friends for me I don’t wanna miss in my life. After crazy days of work and some water in our cellar on Thursday we have a bit to do still so no real access to PC. Hopefully I arrange uploading some pics with the laptop.
  11. I didn’t manage to build something too but awaiting all your entries :)
  12. Aredhel

    Event countdown 2018

    The chain is 8cm long (just guessing not measuring)...
  13. Aredhel

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Hi. I will sell - 21007 - Rockefeller Center for 70€ mint condition (bricklink price 80€). - 20216 - Master Builder Academy: Robot & Micro Designer for 40€ as well mint condition (bricklink 50€). - 20200 - Master Builder Academy: Space Designer for 20€ mint condition. Greetings Dana