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  1. That is an awesome model Edwin. I worked on those boats, the shape of the funnels and wheelhouse is very hard to capture but you did it! Also a nice scenery at the Breediep for the pictures!
  2. Ballast

    MOC City of Davidium

    Awesome city, I like the oldskool style cars
  3. Ballast

    MOC - CP3500 Portguese Passenger Train

    You captured some great details there! I really like the pantograph :D
  4. 1. ER0L - 2 2. Zed_43 - 2 3. Greg3 - 1 Ah, too late I guess
  5. Ballast

    MOC: NS Sprinter

    Thanks for sharing the LXF! I'm planning to make my first train MOC, which would be the regional Spurter train from Arriva build by Stadler
  6. Ballast

    MOC: NS Sprinter

    Ahh the horror of the missing toilet.. You did a great job with the MOC!
  7. Ballast


    The Mk III looks nice! So simple and yet so clever. It's not even 'jumping in the eye' the way it looks on the track
  8. Ballast


    That's a pretty nifty system CB, thanks for sharing
  9. Ballast


    That is just a massive engine! You did a great job, you really captured it!
  10. Ballast

    MOC: LDD Modular Platform design

    I must say the stairs you designed look better then the 'pre fab' stairs. Any ideas for a handrail or something similair on the stairs itself? Great job!
  11. Ballast

    Basement Lego City update 3 Roads, Roads, Roads

    The brick built roads look soo much better then the base plates IMHO. You really created some depth by placing the Town Hall and Fire Brigade in a street behind the 'main street'. Do like
  12. Ballast

    MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    That is just an awesome moc! You really captured the atmosphere of the bookshore and starbucks!
  13. Ballast

    Diesels, - the rot is setting in.

    Hi Lazarus, Is that black or dark blue that you used for the top? Looks like a nice color scheme!
  14. Ballast

    Diesels, - the rot is setting in.

    I also looked into it to build it in dark green but then it will be way above my budget
  15. Ballast

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    That is just awesome! Thanks! :)
  16. Ballast

    Diesels, - the rot is setting in.

    Many thanks Annie and Michael!
  17. Ballast

    Diesels, - the rot is setting in.

    I would also like to have the design, it's the best diesel MOC I've seen!
  18. Ballast

    Beware: eBay fraud -- Train MOC instructions

    Hi Pickyourownbogie, Perhaps you can watermark your instructions, it would be a shame but understandable if you kept them for yourself. I really liked them though :)
  19. Ballast

    79111 Constitution Train Chase Discussion

    I will get one too, that locomotive just looks awesome. I do think I'll design something else for it to tow though, something more realistic :)
  20. Ballast

    Our lego city in development

    That's a very nice City you got there! I like it how your custom modulair buildings blend in!
  21. Looks nice! you especially captured the signicant shape of the wheelhouse and deckhouse :)
  22. Looks awesome! I just keep discovering more and more details. Should be nice to see the towing pins. Any plans for a chain stopper/shark jaws?
  23. Ballast

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    18. Provit70 - 2 37. Etzel - 1 39. Cara - 2
  24. Ballast

    Occupation thread

    I work as chief officer at sea for a company that is specialized in ship delivery. We transport ships on their own keel and under their own power all over the world. Last year I spend over 270 days abroad, which is kinda ruining my hobby.