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    Death Star - is it worth it?

    Most defo, i have some pics of ours on our site, take a look Http:// My kids love it
  2. MarkyG12

    Lego Star Wars Site

    Check out the Disclaimer on our site - ive been in touch with Lego re our Domain Name Quote:"You can generally use them for your personal project" happy days
  3. MarkyG12

    Lego Star Wars Site

    Thank you - we have much more to add - please come back regularly
  4. MarkyG12

    Lego Star Wars Site

    @Anio yep im aware of the domain name issue :-( not going to do anything until i get approached @large88 yep we are looking to place some MOC Images and gonna try our hand at some Stop Motion too
  5. MarkyG12

    Lego Star Wars Site

    Hi all My children and i have been putting together a web site to show our collection of Star Wars Lego that we have been collecting over the years, it is work in progress and we have so much more to share. Please take a look at our site - comments are always welcome Thanks in Advance PS: We are trying to promote the site so please help share this out