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    In my LEGO Modern House
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    Builder and Designer of MOC Lego Buildings, Modern Architecture, Interior Design, Monster Fighters, Harry Potter, DC and Marvel, Minecraft, Star Trek, Art, Sci-fi, art history, Dr Who
  1. bricksare4me

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks for your tips! That is exactly what I have been doing or at least trying to do, since my target buyers are beyond Lego enthusists. and yes, I do have a facebook, pinterest acct etc…it still takes time to cultivate even with all those forms of social connections. Learned a lot tho! and thank you so much for your support!
  2. bricksare4me

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I posted my very first Lego Cuusoo project a year ago (Modern Modular Furnished Beachfront House), and I have found it to be a very rewarding experience. As a newbie, it has been a steep learning curve in crowdsourcing on the internet. I do see a point in limiting projects to a year, however, for me personally, I would appreciate the two year limit, because not only am I new at this, and learning how to use the many types of resources, but I have also had a problem "marketing" my concept, as it is an original non-licensed idea, making it difficult to promote and search for. I have had a lot of positive feedback in my comments on Cuusoo, and other platforms, so I know there is a definate interest, and people willing to purchase it. It just takes time to cultivate it. I forgot to add that I do periodically edit my project, change the photos and descriptions, and check in on the comments. I don't leave it there and let it grow stale. I invested a lot of time and money into it, and hard work, and I am proud of what I have created on my own.
  3. bricksare4me

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Would love an "Otto and the Springfield School bus", and Homer as Captain Pie Man, and Bart as the Cupcake Kid.
  4. bricksare4me

    Pick-a-Brick Prices Going Up

    I will be going to Santa Clara to visit family soon. Does this Lego Store have anything that is exclusive to it like a California Lego Keychain fig or something else? And I cant believe PAB cup prices have gone up! I just went to my Lego Store and filled a small one thinking I paid $10 cad. After reading this thread, I went to check my receipt, and sure enough, it said $11.99!!! What a piss off! Now my habit is gonna cost me more ;( had I known, I would have filled a large one, like usual.
  5. I caved and recently bought the Simpsons House over the Parisian Restaurant. I haven't built it yet, but i have a feeling i won't regret my decision! After reading this fantastic review, I can't wait to get my hands on a complete set of the minifigs. Hope to see Otto, Patty and Selma, Moe, Barney, Duffman, Edna, Groundskeeper Willie, Principle Skinner tho I know some will never be made, for obvious reasons .
  6. bricksare4me

    Review: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Oh! Good observation....didnt know that....thanks!
  7. bricksare4me

    Review: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Yup, i think u r right. I read the same thing somewhere. I just noticed on the back of the Grand Emporium box, there is the Green Grocer, and I think when GE was released, GG got retired.
  8. bricksare4me

    Review: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I luv this set! Great review too. Curious tho, i noticed in the picture on the back of its box it does not have the Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium and the Pet shop in it. I wonder if that is an indicator that they may retire them soon?
  9. bricksare4me

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    Yes, especially booklets with technical terms, related to friend wants one too so i told him to go to a barnes and noble to check it out....then the thot of hauling that box in a suitcase was a turn off. :o We do have the Master Builder Acadamy sets here, so it gives me some hope. Ahhhhhhh damn it!
  10. I am house-rich, but land-poor.

  11. bricksare4me

    Lego Cuusoo "Modern Modular Furnished Beach Front House"

    Thank u so much for ur genuine support for my project. Any votes you can garner is appreciated, as it is non-licensed. I got my pink bricks at a Lego Store pick a brick wall. It was a fluke, nearly a year ago. Since then, i have seen it on the wall one additional time. It seems they have more pink bricks now with the Friends sets in production. I have even seen purple 1 by 3 plates on the PAB wall. Still, ur right, seems pink is rare! And i agree about the staircase. It needs to be reinforced, or redesigned.....i was actually thinking about a redesign, but the problem is the lack of desired bricks to do it, and ordering takes so long. And the thot of people buying multiple copies of my house makes me giddy!!! Big smile on my face right now! :)
  12. bricksare4me

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    I want the Architecture Studio set as well. I was told at a Lego store in Canada, that they are in the process of translating the booklet into French, hence the delay in the Canadian release.
  13. bricksare4me

    Lego Cuusoo "Modern Modular Furnished Beach Front House"

    Thanks so much! Its generally difficult for non-licensed projects like mine to get votes, so interest from the greater Lego community is much appreciated! Thanks so much! Its generally difficult for non-licensed projects like mine to get votes, so interest from the greater Lego community is much appreciated!
  14. bricksare4me

    Lego Cuusoo "Modern Modular Furnished Beach Front House"

    Some additional photos of the interior and the roof.