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  1. Kaitan

    Just a house, and Hello again.

    Just realised I didn't add [MOC] in the title, if an admin could do that for me I'd be grateful. Sorry I'm out of practice with forum ettiquette :(
  2. Hello everyone, I've been away from Lego and EB for a while, I got a bit lego'd out and decided to have a rest from it (for about a year! ) Moving house also had something to do with it...but now I'm back! Those of you who know me know I used to concentrate on mainly Star Wars builds , but I felt like a change of genre so I present to you a fantasy/historic house! I found it a bit of a challenge, mainly because I wasn't working from a preset design as I would with most Star Wars stuff, but once I relaxed into it and did a bit of research, I kinda just went with the flow, and the result you can see below. I really like the fantasy genre (almost as much as Sci-Fi) so I think I'll be doing a lot more builds like this in the future. I might return to Star Wars if I find a subject to really get my bricks into :)) All constructive criticism gladly received :) Kaitan Fantasy House 1 by Kaitan Tylerguy, on Flickr Fantasy House 2 by Kaitan Tylerguy, on Flickr Fantasy House 3 by Kaitan Tylerguy, on Flickr Fantasy House 4 by Kaitan Tylerguy, on Flickr Fantasy House 5 by Kaitan Tylerguy, on Flickr Fantasy House 6 by Kaitan Tylerguy, on Flickr
  3. Kaitan

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Pax Empirica—The Wookiee Annihilation - is set "a few years" before 'A New Hope' ( aka The battle of Yavin Year 0?) Legacy of the Force: Exile is set 40 years After the Battle of Yavin - even later than the Yuuzhan Vong books.
  4. Kaitan

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Has anyone seen the new sets in actual Lego stores yet? I'm going on my bi-annual pilgrimage to my nearest store next week and it would be nice to get new stuff :) Edit- forgot to say I'm in the UK...
  5. Kaitan

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Unfortunately the coral skippers and yuuzhan vong don't appear in the books covered in this competition.
  6. Kaitan

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Never going to happen, but I'd like to see a Leia (ROTJ? or ESB?) or Padmé (Geonosis?) - Lego tends to give the ladies a bit of a raw deal in terms of figures, in spite of them being as much a part of the action as the fellas!
  7. Just a word of caution guys - There is a competition currently running for EU builds in Watto's Junkyard that includes the Thrawn trilogy books. It might be in your best interests to hold fire and see if any builds emerge that are suitable for your project? Even if builders there don't want to take part, it will still give you ideas about how other people see these scenes.
  8. Kaitan

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Hello, I'm back. Sorry I've been quiet for a while (8 months?!) but life has been a bit hectic for me. Things have quietend down a bit now and I've finally got a bit of time to build, and this comp looks like just the thing to get me back into things. I love the eu books and have got loads of inspiration! Can't wait to see what other people come up with.
  9. Well that goes against every other description I've seen for them - Remember wookiepedia can be edited by anyone... I'm going with standard human height for mine.
  10. Maybe a chima lion 'under' head with human hair piece? BTW pew-pew-pew @ the invading imp!
  11. Kaitan

    I'm too poor for a 10179...

    What a clever idea! Love it! I notice the y-wing is missing a few bits too... :)
  12. Kaitan

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Red/orange floor, blue lit back walls - Nope, thats definitely the carbon freezing chamber on Cloud City!
  13. Well done to everyone who took part, I wasn't expecting it to be such a close run race! In my head it was a Imperial win for sure, even before any entries were posted . And of course, congrats must go to Nom Carver and the other SoNE guys for coming up with a great episode that got us all talking to each other :thumbup: :thumbup: K
  14. Kaitan

    Some Advice needed...Cloud City Moral Dilemma.

    You don't say if you are intending to sell the set once you have it back. If this is the case, I would be honest with your friend and offer to cut him in for part of the takings. The set is currently worth much, much more than it was worth when it was in production, more than enough to keep you both happy. If it's your intention to keep the set for a collection, then again I suggest you are honest with your friend and offer to buy him something that he collects/wants in exchange (within reason of course! ) If he refuses or doesn't have the set anymore, well that's his decision, you did give the set to him in the first place. I personally would always take the honest approach, it leads to fewer problems in the long run. And, chances are we are getting a new cloud city in the not-to-distant future anyhow
  15. Kaitan

    [SoNE Ep. 4] Sector E: Blasters from Above

    Besides, how many of the same stormtroopers do we see getting shot again and again?