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    I've loved Lego as a kid. I went into a dark age for about five years. I got some 2006 Star Wars sets and it took off from there. I lost my childhood Lego so I had to start fresh. I started getting Indiana Jones sets and before I knew I had almost all of them. Indy is now the theme I collect. I also get some Star Wars sets. Only OT, I hate CW. I've also amassed a Rebel fleet that I'm quite proud of. I'm a die hard Rebellion fan. I'm also on other sites under the same user name. Ex. Flickr.

    My favourite LEGO themes are: Star Wars (OT). Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, Collectible Minifigures, and Kingdoms (2010).


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  1. Is in a permanent dark age. Sorry guys!

  2. JCC1004

    SigFig Artworks

    Noo! I spent half an hour looking for this topic only to see the pictures are gone. All I have to remember it is a print out I made long ago...
  3. JCC1004

    EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    I think it's time to come out of retirement...
  4. JCC1004

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    What Rebel Pilot is coming with the Mini X-Wing? Hopefully it's a new one and not just a repack.
  5. You misunderstood me. Shipping would be 5 dollars per set So your saving 5 bucks if you get all of them, I know it's not much so I will make it 240 with shipping included. So free shipping if you buy all of them. Shipping will be discounted if you'd buy two sets too.
  6. Up on the bay, sorry! Hello, during the times of Series 2, 3, and 4 I bought a whole box and took out two complete sets and the extras leaving an extra set sealed to sell later. Now is the time. All of these are mint in the package and 100% confirmed on the contents by either the barcode method or feeling through the bags. I didn't try to use the dot system. I am keeping these along with eBay prices. I wanted to post these here first before I put them on eBay. I'll leave these on for about a week. If you can't pay me within that time PM me anyway and we can work something out. Loose sets for about 60 and sealed sets go for 80. Since these are all sealed that is my asking price. Prices may be negotiable. All of these are 100% sealed. Series Two Set: $80 Series Three Set: $80 Series Four Set: $80 I would take all 3 sets for 250 with shipping included. Other wise shipping will most likely around 5 dollars. Please PM me with any questions! Thanks!
  7. JCC1004

    [MOC] Trandoshan Hunting Lodge

    Missing some Wookiee pelts. Nice touch with the crystal skull, since after all it was show in that scene.
  8. JCC1004

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Well I'm doubting if I'll ever fully return to this hobby. I have zero interest in anything LEGO unless it's Star Wars. Everything else I like is discontinued. Plus my Hasbro action figure collecting is invading my hobbies and I'd rather buy those over random LEGO sets. Sorry guys, but I'm just going back to my original hobby, Star Wars.
  9. JCC1004

    Starting to sell a few things

    I just noticed that. I was about to put a link up but you posted already. Also I didn't say everything was for sale.
  10. I'm looking to sell some of my sets and figures that don't belong to any specific theme. I'm working on a concise list but for now here is a link to my Brickset. Everything is for sale except: Batman, Collectible Minifigures (only duplicates to be sold), Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Toy Story. Link to Brickset Collection. If you see anything please PM me and either I'll get a price for you or you can make an offer. If you do see something you like that is not for sale please PM me anyway as I may sell it for the right price. But remember this is a work in progress. STAR WARS WILL NOT BE SOLD ANYTIME SOON, OR AT ALL. SORRY! I tried to make them all fair market value and all things still available at retail are lower than retail. Are all in mint condition, stickers neatly applied, have boxes, instructions, empty sheets, etc. Just not the plastic bags. Some of my items are sealed, just polybags sets. I will note that in my prices lists. Some prices are below. They are not set in stone. I take offers. Thanks for viewing! JCC Castle: 5618 - $4 7079 - $50 7091 - $20 852271 - $20 PENDING 7947 - $40 7948 - $15 7949 - $7 PENDING 7950 - $5 PENDING 7953 - $4 7955 - $4 852921 - $17 PENDING 852922 - $17 PENDING Would still take 200 shipped for all in the USA only. Out of country will be extra.
  11. JCC1004

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Now Echo Base is something I can get excited about. I love the Rebellion, what can I say? At least 7666 can have some interior now. Even though it looks sub par I still like it. It looks like there is a sticker by that Taun Taun stalls that is the one on the door 3PO took off while the Imperials were chasing them in the movie. EU lets us know that is where Wampas were being held after an attack and the sign was a warning label. Since 3PO removed it a group of Snowtroopers went it and died. I'm pretty sure Vader saw the mess at least. Anyway, we didn't need Han, Chewie, and the Snowies in this. But TLG wanted kids to have the main characters and enemies. But with all seriousness, this is Echo Base! Why aren't there Rebel Troopers? A Rieekan figure would have been wonderful! The Leia I don't mind since she needed improvement, I love R-3PO and the ESB Deco 2-1B! I'm glad I didn't buy the ROTS one of it in Palp's Shuttle. Now bacta Luke? It's weird, it's funky, it's hilarious, but I like it. This is something I can add to my must buy list this year. Along with the Falcon, Ewok Attack, and whatever OT sets are being released. With the except of the N1 which I am getting. Also going to try to get a Panaka figure somewhere.
  12. I'm only the 3rd now? Aww... I'm not sure. I was chambered so the mods could sort out an issue where a member hacked into my account. That got a lot of views and so did another incident with something. Just PM me if you are curious about anything.

    Or I am just popular! :grin:

  13. JCC1004

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    I do get sets from other themes too. Just not many though. Most were Indiana Jones and Batman before they died out. Also had a Castle phase and Collectible Mini-Figures. I didn't mean to lead on that I only stick to Star Wars. Star Wars is just what got me into LEGO and my main LEGO Focus is Star Wars. Also I don't think it is appropriate to ask about people's finical issues. Anyway that is not why for me, Pie hit it on the head. Star Wars sets are the main thing I collect. I'm Anti PT and CW unless the figures are really nice or the set looks nice. I've managed to get pretty much everything I want through out the years. When new OT was slow I'd spend my money on older sets. My interest in LEGO dies down if there isn't anything I like in Star Wars. Wait, what!? Shouldn't be too long. I'm really looking forward to that Falcon though.
  14. JCC1004

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    I just find it hard to be excited about something for over six months. I'm also not much of a MOCer either. Anyway I do like reverting back to Action Figures for awhile. It's a nice little break from the brick. I don't doubt that I will return but a break never hurt and spending time on something else doesn't hurt. It's kinda nice to bring back my figure memories by learning all the terms again such as ROTS, TAC, etc. I still remember the LEGO ones fine too. Oh well. I'm just more of a general Star Wars fan than LEGO fan. I still buy plenty other LEGO things but SW is my main focus. I don't really see how because we are talking about dark ages and I did announce I was leaving for awhile. Oh well, moving on...
  15. JCC1004

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    I am in a darkage now, due to the fact there aren't any sets, figures, etc. I want until the fall Star Wars sets. There is nothing I want on Bricklink either. I am hoping this won't be permanent and I can regain my interest in the brick one Fall comes around. I have completely reverted to my other hobby. Star Wars action figures. Those things got me into Star Wars!