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  1. Tyfighter77

    LDD Render Glitch

    Thank you! My apologies, I failed to find it in my search. TLG gave the someone the expected reply that they have no plans to update LDD again. It looks like they found a solution here. Unfortunately I do not have an older Windows licence, so I can't take advantage of it. Based on that workaround, it looks like a 3D acceleration issue is to blame.
  2. Has anybody come across a similar glitch in LDD? This has been happening when brick outlines are enabled under preferences (render quality doesn't effect it). I'll be building away and this glitch will trigger randomly when placing or painting a part. I'd really appreciate any help resolving this, as the program is pretty much unusable for me with this glitch. My system is high end and I should be having no performance issues. System specs: Windows 10 64-bit, NVIDIA GTX 1080 (latest drivers), Intel i7-7700k 4.20 GHz, LDD 4.3.10
  3. I only found one download link. Is there a link to a 64-bit version of LDD? EDIT: SOLVED. Looking into it, I found out the current download is both 32/64 bit. On a chance, I redownloaded the installer and this time the installer worked. Strange but true. So if anyone else has a similar problem, try that.
  4. Has anyone had the following issue and/or found a solution? Can't even install LDD on my Windows 10 64-bit laptop. I get the following error: "This app can't run on your pc". Trying to run in compatibility mode has no effect. I've been running LDD successfully on my Windows 7 desktop for years and would like to get started on my new laptop as well. Any suggestions? Here is my system info: HP Envy Laptop (brand new) 64-bit Windows 10 OS Intel i7-6500U CPU (x64-based) Intel HD Graphics 520 (128MB dedicated memory)
  5. Tyfighter77

    Hi ya'll!

    Wecome Kellie!
  6. Tyfighter77

    A new member! Hello everyone

    Welcome! My favorite hockey player is from Slovenia. I'm pretty sure you know who I'm talking about (as I heard he's a pretty big celebrity over there).
  7. Tyfighter77


    Yeah, she didn't do it on purpose, but sometimes I was a little *ahem* slow to clean my room. I remember disecting vaccuum bags and sorting through the dust to find missing pieces. @Rook My parents used to have astro turf in the back of our station wagon. It was kind of uncomfortable going around turns, lemme tell ya.
  8. Tyfighter77


    Thanks Vincent and Leo! I should have mentioned, although I've spent parts of my life in Germany, Jamaica, Russia and California, I currently live in Utah. Didn't want to throw anyone off with the Weisbaden reference. I wish I could speak German, but alas.
  9. Tyfighter77


    My love of Lego started when I was three, living in hotel in Weisbaden in 1980. My older brothers had the old denim storage bag and several classic space sets. I was captivated by the transparent red and green 1x1s. My personal heyday was the late 80s and early 90s, collecting Castle (especially Forestmen) and the first wave of pirates. I've recently been recapturing those days by building the old sets in LDD. I still have every Lego I ever had that wasn't vaccumed up by Mom, including what's left of my older brother's space collection. It's been really fun exploring this forum and realizing I'm not alone in my AFOLness. As long as you'll forgive me for saying Legos for the plural, I think I might have some fun here! So hi everybody!