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    Future Star Wars Sets

    We need a UCS jango fett's slave 1 like the UCS imperial shuttle and UCS falcon. UCS/minifig scale. It would include a new Jango minifig and a new young boba minifig. Some other ideas: Lok Durd's defoliator tank from CWs season one. Would include lok durd, captain rex and anakin minifigs. Geanosis Super tank from CWs season two. Would include tactical droid, 2 geanosian battle droids, luminara unduli and poggle the lesser. Geanosian fighter from CWs season two. Includes 2 geanosians, kia adi mundi, 2 sonic clone troopers - expensive exclusive. Tie bomber. Includes 1 tie pilot 2 stormtroopers remade grey version. Battle of orto plutonia. Includes a BARC speeder 2 cold weather clones, cold weather rex, chairman, 2 talz warriors. UT-AT . clone wars commando sguad, adi gallia. Redisigned B-wing fighter. UCS/minifig scale sith infiltrator with Darth maul and probe droids.
  2. CommanderBly 128

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    That would be great!! But I highly dought Lego would release a set with four jedi and nothing to fight them.
  3. CommanderBly 128

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    You're best bet is the "star wars sets anyone" thread it is for Q&A on availability and prices. All these sets should be out in the US. Bane's speeder bieng a target exclusive.
  4. CommanderBly 128

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Klaus-Dieter saw the retailers catalog and said it was going to be a larger battle droid carrier with a few gungans. I do believe him, even though I would rather it be from the CWs episode because we would probably get some new minifigs.
  5. CommanderBly 128

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    That would be great if we would get a Shaak-Ti minifig!. I would like the V-wing to be a clone wars version rather than an inperial v-wing, I dont very much like ROTS sets or EU sets. A TFU2 set would be interesting but I would still rather it be clone wars. Plus it would be an easy way to stock up on clone pilots. Anyways im looking forward to seeing new pics .
  6. CommanderBly 128

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    The list of January 2010 sets was posted on brickset on August, 11, 2009. The list included: 8083 rebel troopers BP 8084 snowtroopers battle pack 8085 freeco speeder 8086 tri droid fighter 8087 Tie defender 8088 Arc 170 fighter and something about lukes landspeeder. Those were all correct so I think its safe to assume we will be getting 2011 rumors soon!.
  7. CommanderBly 128

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    If you're talking about the dark bley wedges under the lime green parts, I think its just 32059 and 51739 next to each other.
  8. CommanderBly 128

    A Question Regarding 8098 Turbo Tank

    I have also gotten a 8098 Clone turbo tank. Once it was finished there was between 15-25 extra pieces aswell, so you should be fine. I don't know why they would include so many extras.
  9. CommanderBly 128

    MOC: Venator Star Destroyer

    Thats Amazing ! I wish I could build something like that, By far one of the best venators ever. Way better than TLCs.
  10. CommanderBly 128

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I have to say, these new sets look amazing. Tank droid, looks great but is appears as if it is too short. The 2 side balancers look like they are set forward too much. Also i think it should be alot bigger, like Gareth's version from FBTB. If you look at the ones in the CWs series, they are like twice the size of AATs. Seperatists shuttle, Looks amazing, amazing figs too. This set is a steal for only $ 30 USD. Y-wing, Looks alot better than it did in the first pictures we got, and it appears pretty sturdy. Echo base, Looks good, price is good because you get 5 minifigs and a tauntaun. Endor, I think this is the best minifig scale OT set since the first falcan. Venator, Looks nice, but appears to fat, and should have more minifigs. Republic dropship and AT-OT, This is just amazing I almost fell out of my chair when I came home and saw this, but $50.00 overpriced.
  11. CommanderBly 128

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Predictions for winter 2009/2010, we will probably get 5 or 6 sets. Occuptera tri droid, with 3 jet troopers, 2 super battle droids, and captin rex. $ 30.00 Crab droid, with Jar Jar, 3-PO, and 3 battle droids. $ 20.00 Pod hunters, with plo koon, 3 commando droids, pilot droid, and 2 pilot clones with blue highlites, and a little secape pod. $ 50.00 UT-AT, with Aayla secura, 3 red clones, and a clone pilot. $ 50.00 ( 10195 gives me hope for this one since niether have been in any CWs shows yet ) Imperial dropship, with 5 storm troopers and 2 pilots. $ 30.00 Clone snow speeder, with rex and 3 clone troopers in snow gear. $ 15.00 And our 2009 UCS sets UCS Imperial shuttle $ 200.00 UCS Tie fighter $ 100.00 Nothing in the Clone Wars seems sutible to be UCS, exept for a Venator, or Acclamator, maybe ??
  12. CommanderBly 128

    MOC:Clone Wars AT-RT

    Wow, These are perfect. I built myself 2 using the exploded picture that you have on flickr. Your a Genius!
  13. CommanderBly 128

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Well, if TLC dosent renew thier star wars license in 2011 i would like them to make 4 Final sets that would be Huge A Huge clone battle pack, with a LAAT/c, an AT-TE, 2 clone speeders, 2 AT-RTs, a BARC speeder, 2 clone pilots, 20 normal clones, 2 yellow commanders, and 2 sargent clones. $ 500.00 A huge droid battle pack, with a blue MTT, a blue AAT, 2 blue droid carriers, 3 blue staps, 2 blue geonosian fighters, 2 droid fighters, 20 super battle droids, 10 battle droids, 5 rocket droids, and 3 droid pilots. $ 500.00 A UCS Blue Droid blockage ship $ 500.00. And a UCS super star destroyer $ 500.00
  14. CommanderBly 128


    Nice design, these are great. I built myself one from looking at pictures on brickshelf. By far one of the best AT-RTs ive seen.
  15. CommanderBly 128

    Space Police 2009!

    Wow, These sets look great. This is the first time im going to buy anything other than star wars. However, if TLC went through all the trouble to make the alien heads, why cant they make the other minifig heads fleshies. I hope they change this.