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    Least Accurate Licensed Character Representations

    Trixie from Speed Racer is the worst minifigure in the history of Lego licensed products.
  2. osakana

    Friends <3 Wyldstyle

    The "LEGO Part 15853 - Minifig Hood Wyldstyle" is too wide, as it was design to fit normal minifig body and Friends' body is thinner.
  3. Hello everyone, I've never made a custom figure, but after putting Wyldstyle's wig on a Friends doll I decided to make this one -- Wyldstyle Friendstyle! This is only photoshop simulation, but I'm planning to make a real one soon. I'm using Mia's face because of the freckles. However, I have no idea how to make a Friends-compatible hood.
  4. osakana

    Review: 4430 Fire Transporter

    Nice review, but this is probably the ugliest set I've ever seen. Only the amphibious vehicle looks nice.
  5. osakana

    Roller Coaster rails in Joker Funhouse

    Then again we can use ME Models rails.
  6. osakana

    The Integration of Trains & Boats

    In my city trains & boats are very well integrated: Oversized image removed by moderator. -TheBrickster Yesterday I've added a new terminal:
  7. Theme: Brickrock Minifigure S1: Caveman Minifigure S2: Cop Chasing the evil Brickster our dear minifig Cop finds himself lost in the long forgotten theme of Time Cruisers. Following the light over Mystic Mountain Time Lab he enters the building, looking for a phone or some help. Little does he know that the strange looking phone booth is actualy a time machine that would send him on the one way journey through time and space, straight to the cavemen's town of Brickrock. Out of place and out of his time, our hero Cop decides to do only thing he can do well - so he joins the police force of Brickrock. You can see his motorbike and Parrot Radar Gun, as he awaits for those annoying speeding cavemen.
  8. osakana

    Theme Revamps

    The "vs." theme of Insectoids were originally "Rock Riders", which were planned as space theme. Sadly it became separate action theme.
  9. osakana

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle (Entries)

    I just left my car for ten minutes! These rock monsters! Mmm chrome
  10. osakana

    REVIEW: 10016 Fuel Tanker

    Computer says "no".
  11. Oh my, so the poor litte guy must get off the train in order to put the engine inside? This is one of saddest things in the world.
  12. Now this is just stupid. And 7,4V? Why not 9V?
  13. As I have only one set with me now, I present you PIRATE MINERS:
  14. osakana

    What was your first LEGO set?

    This one: I still got it... kind of...