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  1. No problem man, Ill post some pics of my army stuff. You'll do good in the Shipyard!

  2. Keep in touch on Facebook!

  3. Thanks Henk. I hope to come back someday. Right now the military and volunteer fire fighting leave me with VERY little time!

  4. I miss you big guy.

  5. Congrats on you new green star!

  6. Congrat son your special tag.

  7. Congrats on your recent promotio to Fellow!

  8. Indeed we do, Sweden usualy does quite well in the international tournements. Usualy top three.

  9. Glad tosee that your active!

  10. Why do you have to be so inactive?

  11. You haven't made a post in over a year!

  12. I noticed that you joined the same day that I did.

  13. Sorry for being late but congrats on your promotion!

  14. No problem mate!

  15. Welcome to the Shipyard!

  16. I'm glad to see that you finally got an American flag for a tag,(That rimes!)

  17. How did you get that shield tag.

  18. Congratulations!!!

  19. When do you get a county flag tag?

  20. A man of power!!

  21. Does anyone know what happened to him?

  22. Congratulations on your well deserved promotion Rufus!

  23. I'm talking about the "Who is online" chart.

  24. Did they change the color of the Shipyard Mater

    to red?