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  1. cmwcampbell

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    What is TLG thinking...this clashes horribly with the old-world aesthetic of the entire modular line to date. Ugh, what an eyesore.
  2. cmwcampbell

    NBC's story on my completed Buffalo Central Terminal

    Thanks for kind words from such masterful builders. There are bunch more photos here: As far as dusting, I, uh, havent really done much dusting so far...
  3. Hey all, Last October a report from WGRZ-NBC in Buffalo, NY visited my home in Chicago, IL to film this story on my 100k-piece restoration of the historic NYC terminal. Humbly presented to this forum for your enjoyment. More photos & videos here: Thanks, Chris
  4. cmwcampbell

    ME Models has their track on eBay already? NOT COOL.

    Hey, enough with the rational reasonable responses, I'm trying to have an impatient nerd rant over here! In all seriousness though, I am willing to give ME the benefit of the doubt given that the context of Mike's response and that the early reviews have been quite positive. Respectfully I will stand firm on the optics issue. In my business if I had back orders to Series A investors and I would not feel comfortable selling product to third parties before those initial orders were filled. The first investors are generally first in line to be paid back. This is a standard business practice, and it's what drove the initial post. Like everyone else who backed it, I am rooting for ME's success with this project and very much looking forward to receiving the track as well.
  5. I hope I am wrong but it seems ME Models is listing their custom track for sale on eBay before many of their Kickstarter backers have received anything. As the 17th backer (and 1st commenter on the original thread) I pledged multiple times totaling hundreds of dollars because I strongly supported this endeavor and wanted to vote with my wallet to make it happen. After reading some of the posts in the other thread I am NOT COOL with ME Models listing these tracks for sale to random folks on eBay before ALL the Kickstarter backers have been satisfied. This product very likely would not even exist if not for the faith of this community in large and I am calling out ME Models to make it right. You guys have done great work making this happen. I think I speak for many folks in this forum when I say I have been patient through deadline overruns because I wanted the final product to be a unique, high-quality solution. Don't drop the ball in the home stretch. Regards, Chris
  6. Ahh, the 1x2 jumper at the bottom is what threw me off. I wound up shaving the studs of a door rail to get the bottom diaphragm effect. Also used a side-mounted 1x1 headlight brick and a 1x1 tile clip attached to a mounted antenna to hold the end apparatus onto the car frame. I'll post it later. Thanks for the detailed view.
  7. cmwcampbell

    [MOC WIP] Buffalo Central Terminal train station

    Started in Feb '13, completed in Oct '14 with a few breaks in between. It was built mostly on the fly and there were more than a few rebuilds; if I'd used a design program it wouldnt taken about 12-14 months. Thanks Zephyr. It has been a quite a journey. Speaking of the Amtrak fleet, here's a sneak peek at my current project with several elements inspired by your NCL. More to come...
  8. cmwcampbell

    [MOC WIP] Buffalo Central Terminal train station

    Well, it's finally done! I present to you the Buffalo Central Terminal Lego Restoration. The vision of the project was to "restore" the Terminal to a modern, functioning, 21st-century rail hub state. Note the windmills and solar panels on the roof of the rectangular mail building... Arriving in the station on a New York City-bound train... ...or overnight on a long-distance Horizon Express... You're greeting by a local, who's up past her bedtime Departing from the Terminal, make your way past folks in town for a Star Wars convention to grab a Starbucks Head into the main hall Looks like the display screens aren't working yet... Make your way past a furry out-of-towner towards the Train Concourse To Track 7. Your train awaits! If you had more time, visit the Emerald Night display train Thanks for viewing! More pictures and videos are at Flickr. Comments & suggestions are most welcome.
  9. Another spectacular build, Zephyr. Of the many great details to emulate, I'm intrigued by the 1x2 door rail plate-driven diaphragm you have a photo or diagram showing the construction method? I had a tough time trying to reproduce it on one of my own builds last night using the existing Brickshelf photos for reference.
  10. cmwcampbell

    [MOC WIP] Buffalo Central Terminal train station

    Hello again! Lots of new stuff in this update, I've been working like mad to get this thing ready for its news media debut in a couple weeks (stay tuned for details), and here are the results. Enjoy! More photos here:
  11. cmwcampbell

    [MOC WIP] Buffalo Central Terminal train station

    Good morning, here's a progress update on the terminal and a first look at a WIP Amtrak Amfleet coach in classic Phase 3 livery. The coach is modeled after Shupp's excellent coach design with a few tweaks made possible by new 1x2 LBG curved slopes. The doors at each end required some exhaustive SNOT work and went thru many revisions before settling on the current version which I'm happy with. At 62 studs long and 8 wide it'll accommodate 19 minifig passengers and may require some longer terminal platforms :) As this is a WIP the interior, undercarriage, trucks and diaphragm are not finished. Also plan to add some realistic decals or stickers. Meanwhile, here are some progress shots of the terminal platforms & concourse. Please excuse the numerous zip-lock bags and unfinished basement. It is a construction site after all!
  12. Nearly all of my Buffalo Central Terminal tower is SNOT out of necessity to capture the original design.
  13. Just upped my pledge to get under $12k to go. You can never have too many straight pieces, right?
  14. cmwcampbell

    [MOC WIP] Buffalo Central Terminal train station

    Thanks Benn. Plans are on the board for a full 7-wide Phase 3 set...borrowed copiously from your Superliner designs, natch. The "blank" light bley is a POC of a 7-wide, 52-length shape and the Slumbercoach was an earlier mock-up too. Building a 7-wide F40PH is proving to be a major challenge, as Im sure you can relate. Havent yet figured how to mold the nose with the odd-number width.
  15. cmwcampbell

    Semi-MOC: Union Pacific GP-38

    So it's really just a mod of the official BNSF set, but I like seeing the same model side-by-side with different liveries. Stickers from the fine folks at Next on the list is the classic BN livery!