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    21306: The Beatles Yellow Submarine (LEGO Ideas)

    These were also for sale at bricklive over the weekend from Toys r us, I resisted as I wanted to order direct from the Lego store to get VIP points and the Xmas freebie
  2. Smartiepants

    Race Car - 1970's Can-Am

    that looks cracking, there will be many of this type of race car at Silverstone this weekend, they sound as good as they look
  3. Smartiepants

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    that looks good thanks for sharing can I ask where you got the ghostbusters stickers for the sign from I have just started building this today, been buying bits for months now & finally making a start but still need to get them I started mine on a 48 x 48 plate so have room for a side road that I have added, it has increased the rick count by about 500 but think its worth it will post photos when done
  4. Smartiepants

    UK Sales

    Asda have Ghostbusters Ecto for under £35 now, its gone from the Lego site
  5. Smartiepants

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    I'm about half way with the bits & so far I have spent £270 (377 euros) so this is going to not be far short of £500 when finished & that was doing some cost saving on colours
  6. that is brilliant I may have some questions AFTER I have built the massive 5000+ HQ modular that I am slowly gathering parts for
  7. Smartiepants

    Lego Ghostbusters HQ - Custom MOC with Lights

    I have started buying bits for this build (5700 bits), no way on this earth is it going to come out under 400 eur on average my mixed orders on bricklink over the last two years have usually worked out at 10p a piece, I started last night ordered approx 800 bits,dark orange bricks using 2x1 rather than the impossibly expensive 4x1 bricks & 54+35 black windows along with there clear inserts, trying to get it all from UK suppliers to keep postage costs down & spent just shy of £100 total, black windows were the dearer option I know but if your gonna do it its got to be right so i'm looking at average cost of 12.5p per brick so far, a lot of the small 1s & 2s for the inside i will take from stock but this is going to get out of hand I can see may have to make a pick a brick +£50 order at Lego to rack up some double points this month
  8. Smartiepants

    Art of the Brick

    here you go people, enjoy
  9. Smartiepants

    Art of the Brick

    I think it has moved from Ansterdam to London now fantastic afternoon out, will post photos later if anyone's interested
  10. Smartiepants

    Art of the Brick

    Heads up... this starts today until Jan 2015, may pop in sometime in Dec
  11. Smartiepants

    Art of the Brick

    i'll just leave this here�� ok I know I got the thread title wrong
  12. Smartiepants

    The LEGO Show

    As I have mentioned on another Lego forum this timed ticket session is daft, I am unable to buy an all day VIP ticket as they have all gone & three hours is too short a time for me to see all that I want but due to lack of info/website I purchased them yesterday, its going to take a good 15 mins to get everybody in & another 15 to get them out so that's a good half hour out of my precious 3 hours strange that you say the average visitor was only there for 3 hours at the last shows but there are plenty of these session tickets left while the all day ones have all gone, surely if people thought three hours would have been long enough & better value they would have been snapped up with the day long tickets taking longer to sell but this is not the case poor info & a feelling a bit conned
  13. Smartiepants

    Winter Village:The Woodcutters Arms

    its two bricks too wide for the Comp so I could lose the decking to the side but looking at the standard on here i'll not bother I like it as it is
  14. Smartiepants

    MOC: London hotel and pub

    you say craftsman but he is working himself into a corner there a typical schoolboy error, joking aside this is very good