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  1. menad

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    From official catalog. The catalog clerly shows that crane is equipped with l-motor. Unfortunately no info about b-model.
  2. menad

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Just got the official catalog in a hungarian toyshop. New pneumatic valve seems great but the functions are boring. Beside the steering there is only raising and lowering the arm and grabbing the tree. It looks that saw doesnt work.
  3. First video of the Volvo! Enjoy! :classic:
  4. So it is a Volvo L350F wheel loader! I'm curious if it has pneumatics (maybe remote controlled) or LA? Time or somebody will tell
  5. These are exactly my thougts too. I suppose it is a bigger sized wheel loader with RC functions, larger sized buckets. If it's going to happen it is a must have set! Please let us know other pieces of information to put together this interesting puzzle!
  6. menad

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've just got the set names of the 2014 summer stes thanks to a hungarian online Lego shop. For City there are two main themes for the summer: arctic and trains 60051 - High speed passenger train 610 pieces 32145 HUF~110EUR 60052 - Cargo train 888 pieces 53585 HUF~160-180 EUR0 60050 - Train station 423 pieces 12860 HUF ~ 40-50EUR 60036 - Arctic basic camp 733 pieces 23535 HUF~80-90 EUR 60034 - Arctic lifting helicopter 262 pieces 60035 - Arctic research lab 374 pieces 60033 - Arctic crawler vehicle 113 pieces Happy New Year!
  7. menad

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I've just got the names of the summer wave of Star Wars sets for 2014 thanks to one of the hungarian online Lego shops. I'm sure all OT fans will enjoy this list 75048 - Phantom 6855HUF~20-30 EUR 75049 - Snowspeeder 278 pieces 10455 HUF~30-40 EUR 75050 - B-wing 448 pieces 15815 HUF ~ 50-60 EUR 75051 - Jedi Hunter 490 pieces 17715 HUF 60-70 EUR 75052 - Mos Eisley Cantina 615 pieces 21260 HUF ~ 70-80 EUR 75053 - The Ghost piece number unknown yet 26090 HUF ~ 90-100 EUR 75054 - AT-AT :classic: 1138 pieces 32655 HUF ~ 110EUR 75055 - Imperial Star Destroyer :classic: 36285HUF ~ 120EUR Happy New Year!
  8. I've just got some new information about the 2H2014 Lego sets thanks to one of the online Lego shop in Hungary. Technic set numbers for the summer wave: 42030 - Unfortunately the name of the set is not known yet, it contains 1626 pieces and the price is about the same as the previous years mobile crane MK II 59875 HUF ~ 200 EUR I guess it is some kind of RC set. 42029 - It is a kind of truck or lorry at the price of 23915 HUF ~ 80-90 EUR Hope we'll get more info soon. Happy New Year!
  9. Hi guys! I've just found some set names on the website of All About Bricks. These are the sets that we probably get in 1H2014: 42020 Twin-Rotor Helicopter 42021 Snowmobile 42022 Hot Rod 42023 Construction Crew 42024 Container Truck 42026 Black Champion Racer 42027 Desert Racer
  10. menad

    Lego Technic 2013 sets & info

    And here is the big one!
  11. menad

    Lego Technic 2013 sets & info

    Assembling the 42008 Service truck in Portugal
  12. menad

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    New video from spieletest. It clearly shows that slewing is manually.