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  1. It was always Baron Von Baron to me. :grin:  

    In my little flight of fancy, I took the Sam from Sam Grant, which was what I knew JT as before I visited Legoland Windsor some years later, to make the name. A Legoland Windsor that has given us an Amelia Thunder in their promotional material... 

    I am a terrible trash person who writes FanFic and I can get behind this in my personal world building. One day I might inflict my Adventure Generations on everyone. :tongue:

  2. @Aanchir I guess it doesn't go into my specific stop request. However, it is not exactly on topic to 2020 Sets in the City line? 

    Remember, we have a Multi-Quote Tool on EB that allows you to gather quotes and post into a new or pertinent thread. This way you can cherry pick points out of wherever they are and create something to specifically address a point that would otherwise derail a thread. Sure, sometimes a point made is on topic, but furthering the debate on that specific point draws the thread from its intended purpose. 

    I like to see meaningful posts on the forum, it gives me hope that there is still activity here! But keeping things on subject is also important to make threads accessible. By all mean, create lots of new threads to cover different topics! 


    2 minutes ago, pooda said:

    @Peppermint_M For what's its worth, I remained as calm as possible. I was just pushing that guy's buttons for fun. That guy is always asking people to provide facts to back up their claim, when its simply a point of view. That kinda gets annoying. 

    Okay, but that isn't a great thing to do either. I like EB to be a friendly place, so pushing people's buttons for the fun of it is not exactly a friendly thing to do.

  4. 2 hours ago, StudWorks said:

    Hello Peppermint_M. I tried to message you but had a glitch where it said "only 0 messages per day" even though I have never sent a message before. I would like to get your opinion on something that I didn't want to publicly post. Thank you, StudWorks

    Messages are unavailable for members with less than 10 posts, it's to help stop Spammers and encourage users to post. 

    You're only a few away :wink:


    Anyone with less than ten posts should see/be able to access the forum through that link. Once you make ten posts, the subforum is hidden. @Thai bricks, does this link let you in? Please try it out before you make any more posts!

    Out of interest, does my signature work correctly? As staff, I can access plenty of parts of the forum that normal users can't. So I can't test it myself without faffing about with spare accounts...

  6. 5 hours ago, MAB said:

    I'm hoping to get my 8yo daughter through Christmas without too much interest in it.

    That ain't ever going to happen man. Unless you can get her into Power Rangers or something, :grin:  8 Year old girls are 100% a Frozen target and they flock to it like moths to a flame.

    Otherwise, try a media blackout and keeping her off school :laugh: 

    On thread: A lot of the high prices are on the licensed themes and everyone wants their share of the profit pie.  But LEGO does add more play value than other toys, as you can easily combine it with cheaper sets to expand on a collection.

  7. @pooda, if you have such a problem with people not celebrating your every word, you are welcome to distance yourself from the discussion. If you start attacking other members in a manner that is personal (AKA, anything that is not related to the actual topic at hand) you will be welcome to have a private chat with staff about what rules you have broken.


    And yep, this is flack. You are being a whiney brat.

  8. 48816342172_ca66ccf2fb_c.jpg


    M-Tron into the new Millennium!  Seeking out new sources of ore, the brave crew venture deeper into space.

    So, house sitting and I found a box of LEGO. I could not resist the urge to build. There looked to be all the parts for the Mega Core Magnetizer, but I wanted to MOC a spaceship instead. I swear the most recent bricks were 20 years old at least.

    It was amazing fun to work within the confines of a collection that is not mine, made up of parts that at least count as Retro now, none of the handy new elements I am used to MOCing with today. There was a bit of a nostalgic hit too, like building when I was a child without the pretty large and quite extensive collection I have now (with the opportunity to get the parts I really need online or just buy another set...). 

    I hope you enjoy my retro resurrection MOC. :grin:

  9. 2 hours ago, Bugbot20082 said:


    It has been 12 days, has any further action been taken to fix my account (Bugbot2008)? 



    Well, when I tried to fix it, I broke it worse... I have passed to Admin as they deal with the forum sorftware problems. That is why the two accounts were parted from my efforts at Merging that locked them both up...

  10. Mine are mostly mundane: Making a great purchase or some new set/theme becoming available. Only to wake up and realise that it was all in my sleep; I did not purchase a certain set and/or the theme does not exist.

    There is also the nifty one where ever minifig hair piece is made in every colour LEGO produce with and I have them all (bwahaha), but again, I wake up and realise that this is not a thing.


  11. On 9/15/2019 at 7:28 PM, Bugbot20082 said:

    Yes that's me :)  I have some more creations for Harry Potter i wish to share once my account is fixed 

    Hello again, So  my new back up account and my original got merged, but then when I tried logging in to it in with the new password that my account (Bugbot2008) had been set i was again redirected to the error page:

    This member is not awaiting validation

    Error code: 2S129/4

    Is there another way to fix the problem? I am back to square 1 with this back-up account re created. Thank you

    We are working on it, it looks like my attempt at a fix did not work :sceptic: