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  1. SeanDoubleJ

    Red Planet

    Intergalactic border dispute.
  2. It's probably not a good idea to visit a graveyard on Halloween night. A spooky scary skeleton might live there!
  3. Imperial Stormtroopers may just have the worst aim in the entire galaxy.
  4. Word has spread throughout the galaxy that Darth Vader has returned stronger and more powerful than ever before. The Last Jedi is sent to discover whether or not there is any truth to this rumor. [media]
  5. [media] [/media] LEGO man's toilet is clogged once again!
  6. Why did the skeleton cross the road?
  7. Did you ever wonder what a Rubik's Cube likes to eat? Neither did I.
  8. The Force awakens the Christmas spirit in Darth Vader.
  9. Be careful what you wish for... Happy Halloween!
  10. Animated step by step instructions for how I built a LEGO toilet for use in an upcoming brickfilm. I admit, it's not an original design. I combined about three different designs into one using the bricks I had on hand.
  11. Did you get an Apple Watch yet? LEGO man did.
  12. SeanDoubleJ

    Brickflick: My LEGO SigFig

    After all these years I have finally created a LEGO sigfig. In doing so I have crossed the fine line between dork and total dork.
  13. Yes, I was really bored when I made this.
  14. This is the intro that I made for my new LEGO Haul segments. It was a little too long so most of it wasn't used in the final cut.
  15. A wampa takes a stroll on Hoth.
  16. A tauntaun takes a stroll on Hoth.