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    PLEASE wander OUT of the subforum!

    Hello guys! I want to join this amazing sub forum, but I need to know more. Rules, what must i do and what i need to know for beginner and etc.
  2. DetHron

    (LCC Loreos) The Battle of Ainesford

    So beautiful MOC! Ill love it!
  3. DetHron

    My bat army

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, and i just return from 12 years of Dark age. Sorry but english is not my native language.I want to make huge army. I love red/black colors, also fright knights flag and shields so i use them for my army sinature. I want this guys to be my regular troops: My archers: My horse troops: My firs general: And my Bat king: I aim for somthing like 100-120 minifigures.
  4. DetHron

    My bat army

    thank you guys for the positive feedback. I will sacrifice a peasant in youre honor. P.S. Yep i use darth moul's scalp for the crown :)