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  1. CIDDi

    Milu and Baako

    Bio-cup 2017 Entry Theme: Worker rahi Ko-matoran Milu and mammoth Baako
  2. 1. Cursed Ice King 2. 3. Centuries ago there was a King Teofedule who was aware of magic and sorcery. But once upon a time he got wind about the foreign invaders who were able to become disembodied and their swords could not pierce the armor. Then Teofedule went went looking for answers to the Ice Palace lost at the top of the Peak of the World. In one of the halls he discovered a manuscript named "Those who came out of the shadows." The book describes the most weirdest creatures who attacked and destroyed the city of civilization which has created a library a centuries ago. However, the scroll was in the Sacred Hall, guarded by powerful magic. After the reading the King has lost sanity. He sensed how he begins to obey the forces and ice. However, his will was strong enough to resist himself. During the time that the King had been in the library he has changed. The entire body, starting with the right hand, began to change, merging with an armor. After a while, the whole arm of the King became icy, and in addition it could instantly freeze anyone who touch it. But the governor opened the power of Frost. He has understood the element of Ice and called on the troops of Ice warriors and for repelling the invaders ... To be continued? ..
  3. CIDDi

    John Silver's Flash

    here is my moc for motorcycle contest. Was inspired by Treasure Planet cartoon, and I'll do more such stuff, very cool cartoon.
  4. Hey hey! Done my entry for Turtle contest: Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda. Sadly it's only bust, because of rules of contest (8x8 platform maximum size), and this one is 8x8 diagonal, so this is the reason why not full size figure, but i still hope you'll like it! p.s. more photos in my gallery:
  5. CIDDi


    I love them so muuuuuch <3
  6. CIDDi


    Hey, its's my contest model. Theme was - Character, need to make chr from movie, cartoon or video game, so I've decided to make this super freaky mandril. But i really don't have enought pieces for make body on same level as head. Just need to make huuuuge bricklink order) So, hope you'll enjoy it)
  7. CIDDi

    Ara ararauna

    My entry and winner for 16x16 animals contest! entry link with more photos: althought some photos on my photostream:
  8. CIDDi


    thanks to all)
  9. CIDDi


    Guess who's back!? Hey guys, just new sculpture from me. It's one of the my favorite heroes 'Clockwerk', from Dota2. Made some changes from original model, cuz don't have "right" pieces. So check it out, hope you'll like it) All photos are on flickr gallery, so go for them!
  10. CIDDi

    MOC: Halloween

    Hi guys! Just a usual halloween moc (speedbuild). Can't say more about it, cuz i don't know what is it Hope you'll enjoy)
  11. Temple of Ennoc by Fianat Peep's Sheep 'n' Livestock Co by Tazmaniar really many very different and beautiful entries, it was very difficult choise
  12. CIDDi

    Imp King

    It's old stylish trans-orange dish 2x2))
  13. CIDDi

    Imp King

    Just a very little moc it was very difficult to make a body with proportioning but I've made it! so hope you'll like it, it has many yummy npu that you like) Cheers! ~CiDDi~
  14. 2 point to Hector Steelson XL 1 point to Cade Marler
  15. 1 to Felix 1 point to Rachnavore 1 point to Lord Pyrox, cuz he is so funny)