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  1. admiral marcel

    Ben 10 discussion thread

    cool lol
  2. admiral marcel

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I want to join but I won't be able to get a movie for some time because my pc broke down.
  3. admiral marcel

    City '09?

    so coooooooool
  4. admiral marcel

    "Le Crane blanc". ("The White Crane")

  5. admiral marcel

    ''A bad day''

    good job
  6. admiral marcel

    The Pirates of San Pedro

    best yet oh by the way i got the lego soldiers fort
  7. admiral marcel

    REVIEW: 8958 Granite Grinder

    :thumbup: :thumbup:
  8. admiral marcel

    You or your girl?

    great job great job it looks like know one could get out
  9. admiral marcel

    Quartering The Quartermasters

    super super good
  10. admiral marcel

    Attack on the Governor's Office

    good job you got the best one i have seen yet
  11. admiral marcel

    The Tenth Day-A Feeding Frenzy!

    your kracin has supreme detail and is very arsome
  12. admiral marcel

    A Bloodbath (no really)

    it has great detail the blood baths gore as well is great and it should come in the top ten. :pir-skull: improvments are a less gory seen and more open space