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  1. Just found these parts in 10259: Winter Village Station. The set has been built and on display for 2 years. So disappointed in the quality of Lego bricks. Anyone else notice this with 1x1 bricks?
  2. Johnnhiszippy3

    Will there be any UCS-sized City sets?

    How about 60097 City Square? it has 1683 pieces. Although, it may feel more like 3 sets combined into one. There was also Town Plan
  3. Johnnhiszippy3

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Also - the car is 4-wide, the truck is 6 (granted, the cars wheels stick out past the studs)
  4. Johnnhiszippy3

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Very nice work ronenson! and thanks everyone else for your help. I've updated the files to correct this.
  5. Johnnhiszippy3

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I've created a rough LDD version...just based off of photos and videos, but I'd say it's about 95% accurate. The most noticable issue is that I can't figure out how the windows on the front of the second floor are attached (and I'm not convinced that they even are attached). Anybody have a suggestion? http://www.brickshel..._restaurant.lxf Update: I've updated the second floor windows, with ronenson's help.
  6. Johnnhiszippy3

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Anyone know what "Chez Albert" refers to? Awesome looking set!
  7. I am having a problem opening large files created in LDD 3, and reading though other posts on this topic, I think it is different from what other people are experiencing. When I large files, LDD 4 acts like it is opening the file, but when it is done "loading" I am left with a blank grid (LDD doesn't shut down) and if I try to add new pieces, they just "disapear". I've tried importing the files, and the same thing happens. Also, I tried creating a large file by importing lots of different files (about 50,000 pieces total), and everything seems to work find until I save and reopen the file, and the file will not load, like above. Did Lego set some kind of piece limit on the file size? I had no trouble with large files in LDD 3, even when rotating and using hinges. I've reverted back to version 3....for now, although version 4 has some very cool features.
  8. is listing the 2010 Winter Toy Shop as in stock, for $59.99 in the US.... So if anyone missed the opportunity to purchase this set last year, you might have another chance!
  9. Johnnhiszippy3

    My lego City finished - Take a look

    Wow, impressive for your first year as an AFOL. It's neat to see you planned it all out in LDD first (glad to see all of those official sets in LDD came in handy too!) But I hope your city isn't completely "over". hopefully it can keep growing.
  10. My votes go to: M1A2 Abrams tank (206) by: Zackhariah - 1 Point Phoenix Corp. Fireball (214) by: vynsane - 1 Point Train Station (223) by: mrblue - 1 Point Thanks everyone who participated! I enjoyed looking at your creations, and thanks Superkalle for putting this great contest together!
  11. Johnnhiszippy3

    Voting topic - LDD Only Class

    I vote for: Circus Arena (146) by Bojan Pavsic - 2 points Irish Troubles (144) by Saracen - 1 point Both are very original and use some neat techniques that aren't easy in LDD. And thanks Superkalle for all of your hard work putting this great contest together!
  12. Johnnhiszippy3

    Post LDD Contest Entries here!

    You can use the LDD Manager tool here to check the piece count. It's pretty easy to use and works well.
  13. Johnnhiszippy3

    Post LDD Contest Entries here!

    Very good! If this was a real set, I'd buy 2! I love all of the detail
  14. Johnnhiszippy3

    Post LDD Contest Entries here!

    This is my entry into the LDD + Real Bricks Class of this contest. The front of the building created in LDD: and the same view created with bricks: The interior of the diner created in LDD with a juke box, freezer, grill, milkshake machine, stools, and booths: and the interior created with bricks: And a view of the back of the building and the garbage truck in LDD: The total piece count, excluding minifigs is 1530 and here is a link to the .lxf file for this creation Using LDD especially helped me in the SNOT on the side of the garbage truck and "Diner" sign, as well as allowed me to try different roofs quickly.
  15. Johnnhiszippy3

    Post LDD Contest Entries here!

    This is my entry into the LDD Only Class of this contest. Front view of brick row houses, as you might see in a large city: and the back alley view of the building: Here is a link to the .lxf file. The total piece count, excluding minifigs is 2490 I hope you enjoy!