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    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    This set is beautiful! I am very happy to see a slight remodel of the falcon shield, and the black knight is superb. This set looks to be on par with the Medieval Marketplace, even though MM had such great new animals. A Must Buy for me!
  2. Rogue Angel

    Which castle is the best in your opinion?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned 6085 - the Black Monarch's Castle (Unless I missed it) My link Although the King's Castle - 6080 - was my first castle, The Black Monarch's Castle was the best overall. After this, baseplates started showing up in most of the castles, which really decreased the part count.
  3. Rogue Angel

    X-Mas Star Wars Photography Contest - Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners. There were some great shots. Thanks to Smokebelch and Fenris for judging, and thanks to KimT for the prizes.
  4. Rogue Angel

    12 Days of Star Wars Christmas

    On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.... 12 Sabers humming, 11 Jawas swiping, 10 Droids a beeping, 9 Ewoks dancing, 8 Pilots drinking, 7 Troopers car'ling, 6 Bounty hunters, 5 Sky-walk-ers.... 4 Rebel scum, 3 Sith lords, 2 Fishy chums, and a Hutt with a very strong smell. Check out my flickr folder for better pics. Merry Christmas to all!
  5. Rogue Angel

    12 Days of Star Wars Christmas

    I had to limit the pixel size for the contest. My flickr folder has high rez picks.
  6. Rogue Angel

    Elven Army

    With only one elven archer available from lego right now, I wanted to create an elven infantry unit as well. This is my small army. I tossed around a few ideas for torsos, like the forestmen studded shirt, but decided that the infantry should have plate armor and helms. What do you think?
  7. Rogue Angel

    Elven Army

    I'm up to 24 now. I was shooting for 30 altogether, but it was just a ballpark estimate. I have 40 dwarves, so I was trying to get a comparable elven army.
  8. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    Agreed! For the elf package, I have been able to decipher one small fireball shaped bubble (about the same size as the dots) a little down, and 1/2 inch to the left of the leftmost dot on the elf package that sets is apart. Apparently the bubbles are the same for every elf, or every fisherman, etc. I spent half an hour today figuring out what was what at my TRU. I was 100% accurate for 5 out of 6 (Fish, Gorilla, Tennis, Rapper, Elf) but couldn't pick out the samurai from the gorilla or the chief. Ended up getting 2 gorillas instead. I was 3 for 3 on elves though - they were very easy to pick out once I saw the little fireball bubble. Hope this helps.
  9. Rogue Angel

    Elven Army

    I bricklinked all but 2 of the elves, the last 2 were from E-bay. I got lucky, and picked up 11 at once on bricklink. I knew these would get expensive, and picked up everything I could in the first wave before Thanksgiving. Although I've been combing my TRUs and Targets, I have yet to see series 3 in stores. Thanks for all the comments. I had some faces in mind before I posted this, but I don't want to diverge too far from the elven face... I'm not completely satisfied with the Elven lords, but I'm still working on it. (McGonnogal's robe seems like the only decent option for the Elven queen to me.) The infantry also need a little work, but I figured I would take advantage of the shields the archers came with. I love the elf figure. Lego has really hooked us up this time, if only they were easier to acquire....
  10. Rogue Angel

    Elven Army

    I've got 3 other heads in mind, I just don't have them in the numbers necessary to outfit the army yet.
  11. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    I found a few more pictures that show a little more detail on E-bay. Part A Part B LOVE the Elf.
  12. Rogue Angel

    Castle Sets 2010

    The cheese slopes are just a way to bulk up the piece count - just like using 3 2x1 bricks instead of a 6x1 brick, like they've done in some sets. It's rather frustrating, but if you want to buy lego, you have to just suck it up. For people like me, that have a ton of legos, it's not a big deal, but it's no good for collectors just starting off.
  13. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I agree with Destorydacre, this new "midi" AT-AT is a huge disappointment. I was really hoping for the UCS Endor AT-AT, but this is just a pile of pieces to sell some figs with. (The Atgar looks pretty cool though, here I come Bricklink!) I'm glad that there were such great sets out last year, and in Jan, because other than Aayla and Cad, this 2nd wave is going to be a bust. I'll probably get the Hoth playset (or Bricklink the Wampa) and the new Slave I, but I was really hoping for Zuckuss as well. If it weren't for Boba's cape, I wouldn't be getting this either.
  14. Rogue Angel

    Magnificent Castle Sets

    Castle is what got me into legos in the first place. The King's castle was my first lego set, which I got for Christmas. My favorite castle still has to be the Black Monarch's castle. It was such a cool design with the black and gray color scheme, and the horse barding. It was amazing! Black Falcon, Forestmen, they were all great. and the onset of the visored helmet with the King's Mountain Fortress. Oh, but I do love the castle lines. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
  15. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    The whole reason I wanted Garindan in this set is... WHY ELSE BUY IT? I understand that's it's yet another reissue of a set we've seen, and the landspeeder is a lot more accurate, but I wouldn't even pay $20 for it. I have all of these minifigs in triplicate except the stormtrooper, which is kinda cool, kinda worth buying a $10 set for, maybe. Without Garindan, I don't need to ever look at this set again. It's the equivalent of a power miners or pirate set for me (while these are cool, I have to focus my funds on one line.) With a limited amount of time left on the license, I want new minifigs and vehicles, and any new aliens. I understand those who are excited about the better version, and I hope you guys really enjoy it, but I won't be bothering.
  16. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Zev doesn't have a mustache. I'm guessing it's just going to be a fleshy smile. I wouldn't be surprised if the helmet's just a wedge helmet reissue too. Edit: I guess I was too slow on my typing. And JCC1004 has a picture too. Edit: Edit: And I'm a moron.
  17. Rogue Angel

    Alien Mercs

    I think that Lego has done a very good job with almost all their battlepack choices (cough.... Assassin droids) and I would like to see some aliens becoming more readily available for mass use. I also would like to see more different vehicles. Alien Mercenaries represents some of the more unsavory aliens for hire. These guys will do anything for money. Use the hoversled to bring in the backup, but who needs backup when you've got the Golan Arms mobile heavy blaster platform (M-HPB-028) to take care of that pesky squad of stormtroopers! Shistaven, Togrutan, Mon Calamari and Devaronian Mercs. Keep watch for the upcoming GA Security Battlepack! P.S. Just got the pieces in today that I was waiting for, hence the change in minifigs.
  18. Rogue Angel

    Alien Mercs

    The torso is from Exo-force: Ha-Ya-To I didn't want to make another Ashoka, so I went with a different color. The only other head I could've really used was the indie native head, and it didn't look good, so....
  19. Rogue Angel

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle (Entries)

    Mmmmm Chrooooome!
  20. Rogue Angel

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    Lego cannot make packs like these for Star Wars due to a conflict with Hasbro (I think), that's why they have been doing the battlepacks instead.