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    Fort Defiance (Varlyrio 1D)

    I would echo what others have said. The groundwork and terrain are excellent, if you could add a little bit of detail to the walls and roof, it would make a huge difference. Great story though, I'm enjoying your storyline progression. I also like using the dummies to portray power. Nice work!
  2. Rogue Angel

    Gnomish Warehouse of Kashgar [VAR - Freebuild]

    Very nice clean build, I especially like the brown horn on the railing - this works great! I forget how much I like having you in my Guild because you do the massive expanding Cities/Fortresses, etc.
  3. Rogue Angel

    Helenia Warhorses

    I like the fencing, the roofing for the stables, and the concept itself. Nice work! it would be good if you could post some actual pictures instead of just links like this:
  4. Rogue Angel

    The Sunken Tavern

    Thanks! the curved roof was one of the hardest parts of the build. Thanks - the interior was the other major difficulty of the build. The Varlyrians are real isolationists and definitely have a false sense of superiority. I have made a major effort to pick up seagulls - I think I started off by buying 10 of the sea captains, and then I found them in the BAM at the Lego store to expand that even further! I wanted to do an offshore tavern/inn and I stumbled across this art. This was what I based my build off of. I don't remember where I got the vials from, but they worked better than lanterns in this build. I didn't have enough dark brown at the time to stagger it throughout everywhere. This is probably the only major change I would make if I were to rebuild it again today (I have had this built for quite a while now. Thanks! This is built on sunken piles, and it is close enough to Tradesemeet Port to benefit from shelter from storms, but far enough away to allow for deeper draughts. This was the art I used for reference in this build. I have not be able to find the original image though to give credit. Only Pinterest and Wallpaper links :( I love the art! Being an island that relies on trade, nautical matters are of vital importance. I have been splitting my building time between ships, gnomes and Urban Varlyrio. Too many things to portray!
  5. The Sunken Tavern / Rogue Angel / Varlyrio Gnome Home /Rogue Angel / Varlyrio
  6. Rogue Angel

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Remember to get any last free builds up tonight! I just posted one: Should have another small one up yet this evening. Happy New Years!
  7. Rogue Angel

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    The Brickhead is showing up as "coming soon" on US site. Maybe there is a sliver of a chance on the other three?
  8. Rogue Angel

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    With the Challenges, the key is more to meet the spirit of the Challenge than to be particularly innovative or unique. We try to set them up so you can represent what would be going on with your characters and regions. One entry is just fine. Don't feel obligated to meet every category, just build what works for you. With less active participants in Varlyrio, it is more important that we represent on each Challenge. I will try to get something posted myself as well.
  9. Rogue Angel

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Think of a busy Mediterranean or European City. If you are building in Illaryan, it could be virtually anything you would find in a large aging City, like Waterdeep, Paris, London, etc. Alongside the merchants, tradesfolk and service providers you would find anywhere, Varlyrio is known for it's wine merchants, fish markets/cafes, antique vendors, bookbinders and scribes (book translations, reproductions and counterfeiting are highly sought after), fine clothiers and contract brokers of all sorts. It is amazing what kind of "contracts" can be secured in Illaryan.
  10. Rogue Angel

    De Fiori Family (Varlyrio)

    Excellent additions! Looks like you've got some assassin fodder now ?
  11. Rogue Angel

    De Fiori Armory

    Nice interior with lots of features! I especially like the sharpening wheel, the quiver lying on the table and the girl - sitting in a black dress?
  12. No, your character intro can be at the same time you post your Challenge entry if you want (Jan 31st even). The free builds are just what you would post that is not a Challenge entry. These can be Guild task entries as well, but still only count as free builds. The deadline is for counting points for freeBuilds for this 2nd scoring period.
  13. This free Build period will end on December 31st. We don't want people completing free builds during Challenge periods. Given that this deviates from what was said previously (Jan 15). We will making some allowances for a few days if necessary, but remember that you can always enter it in the next period. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  14. Rogue Angel

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    They could have put on or two of the generic wastelanders in the CMF series, and put the cat lady, stupid swamp thing or record girl in the D2C, or scattered them through the other TLM2 sets. Instead, they put all the characters that you would actually buy multiples of in the D2C. They don't have to cater to AFOLs, but they could throw us a bone instead of specifically excluding EVERY wastelander from a set under $300 except the figbarf multi-leg, no helmet/mohawk, worst torso fig in the Metalbeard set.
  15. Rogue Angel

    Laesonar's Saga Ep. 9 - Much Needed Water

    Nice build and landscaping work. I like the story and the water starting to flow back into the riverbed.
  16. Rogue Angel

    AoM: Inn Build 2: Yule Celebrations

    Another beautiful building! Love the color combo of the dk bley and brown, as well as the macaroni tile use on the walls.
  17. Rogue Angel

    De Fiori Family (Varlyrio)

    Love the details on the new build, especially the macaroni tiles and the coloring.
  18. Rogue Angel

    Varlyrio Guild Challenge 2E: Spring of Styx

    Good vignette, very good story. Keep it up!
  19. Rogue Angel

    Business is What you make it (Varlyrio 1C)

    Nice build, great story! Excellent representation of West Varlyrio. I like the landscape, the scrub trees, and the coloring. So is your company going to be extracting protection money, or just do-gooders like the Nobly Avalonians that squander their wealth and power on "Chivalry"?
  20. Rogue Angel

    Murder at the Golden Flag Inn

    Excellent story development! Great use of multiple builds! My favorite is the (throne?/meeting) room, but the canal buildings are well done, as is the lighting on the first picture. Poison is can be an indiscriminate killer. We will have to see how Mychael fares out east.
  21. Again, excellent lore and slang here. Your adding a lot to Varlyrio's oceanic realms!
  22. Rogue Angel

    Alistair's Forest Lair

    Very nice build! There aren't enough Minotaur builds out there. Good job on the concept, terrain and trees.
  23. Fantastic build! The lighting, composition, description are all phenomenal! The Scala parts got added to my wanted list immediately.
  24. Rogue Angel

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 11: Priestess

    This build is fantastic, from the dome to the flooring to all the details. Very clean, very cohesive, beautiful! My only suggestion would be to use only one fence type instead of two since one is blocky and the other is smooth and flowing.
  25. Very nice, clean build. I really like how you are consistently adding to the lore and culture of Varlyrio.