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    CHALLENGE II: Category C: At The Races

    This is a great single-shot build. You can convey nice packed stands, with the action of the horse race beneath. A horse race is a perfect competition for Varlyrio, and I love the story (Supano needs to start killing people off soon to backup your concerns I love the feathers for curtains and the colors you've used. Great job!
  2. Rogue Angel

    CHALLENGE II: Category B: Samhradh in Benoic

    Excellent work on this one DG! Great execution on the maypole, your spacing around your build works well with the goats, the cart, the feast - it looks full but not overcrowded. I like the tent, the stringline and your strategic use of greenery. Great job!
  3. Rogue Angel

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    This is gorgeous! I saw the first picture and was pretty impressed, then was blown away when I saw your second picture! The story is very Varlyrian, but the build is even more Varlyryian. Love the bley pillars on the white building, the black corner roof, the combination of dk red and dk orange/flesh, all the inset windows and arches, the window in the door, the planters, the walkways and stairs - Fantastic! I think the contest is a great idea, and you've pulled it off well, and the watching crowd is well done too. Great to have a new archetypal Varlyrian build for the main page!
  4. Beautiful little build! I love the trees, and the story is well done. You've got me beat by 1 (or 3) goats - they work well here. I like seeing the star wars helmet used, I've been trying to find a way to use them, and didn't realize they were out in white - it works well. Great entry!
  5. Great build! I like the roofing quite a bit, but I LOVE the profile bricks for the base. Great job!
  6. Rogue Angel

    [Book 3] Challenge IIB: Highway from Hell

    Great idea and great execution! The first picture alone makes the build. You've used the lighting well, and the dozen or so in depth pictures you added to flesh out the scene beyond the first 2 make a huge difference in how much I enjoyed your build as a whole. I am one for puns myself, so the bands were well-played. Great work!
  7. Rogue Angel

    CHALLENGE II: Category A: High Ridge Gates

    Beautiful Build B! I love the wall, especially the use of the quarter-circle tiles and the way you inset the lt bley under the dk bley. The path and the little railings/pillars look excellent as well. The rockwork in the bottom left looks a bit messy for me, but that's just me. Excellent entry and great story. Great to see the dwarves represented, I'm going to have to move on to them eventually.
  8. Rogue Angel

    Challenge II: Category A: Bread in the Valley

    Welcome, and a great 1st build! A lot of nice little details in this build. My only suggestion would be to use 1x1 rounds to angle some of the figs so that they are not all facing in the exact same direction. Good story, and great way to wrap it in to your story. Nice work!
  9. I have a tub of bionicle parts that I have been considering using for a while, and gnome builds will allow me to start using some. I have yet to come up with a way I like to build sand and deserts to my liking. Adding in cheese slopes and round slopes doesn't look that great to me, and 1x2 plates look too messy. Still a work in progress for me. I will be building Mos Eisley and Yavin 4 in the next few years, so I will have to figure this out eventually.
  10. Nice little build with a very good use of lighting, as well as a good story. Good work!
  11. Rogue Angel

    Challenge II: Category A - Relief

    Nice clean build - I like the pillar, the tree and the sledge, as well as your work with the snow. Excellent dwarven representation!
  12. Rogue Angel

    Challenge II: Category A: A new hops

    The key to a dwarves heart is through beer. and their beards. and their axe/hammer/crossbow/rock. Great idea, I like the use of the corner faceted tiles with the 1x1 plates. Nice entry!
  13. Rogue Angel

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Fantastic work! The concept is one of the most original, but the moving parts for every portion of the obstacle course is Phenomenal! The story and presentation are also very well done, and add a lot to this build. The figs, troll, frightened competitor - Love it!
  14. Rogue Angel

    Kashgar Theater [Ch II Cat B]

    Excellent work! I love how the steps rise up to the theatre, I really like how you used the red and white (the alternating cheese slopes on the top and the round studs on the bottom) as well as how everything worked with the stone benches and wood benches and the tree. Great job!
  15. Rogue Angel

    Oceans apart [Ch II Cat A]

    I like the boat, and the representation of your families shipping. I too think the brown curved tile adds a lot in the back. Nice work!
  16. Rogue Angel

    They are hungry like wolf! [Ch II Cat A]

    Nice build - I like the tiling in front, and the support sticking out under the roof. Good story as well!
  17. Rogue Angel

    Wolfs in the Sand (Part I.)

    Great brick-built camel, and a nice clean build. Good work!
  18. Quite the story - very nice on the build as well. You've captured all the elements of his walk through the palace, and I would say your 2nd photo is my favorite shot. The monastery pieces work well, and the story flows nicely. A few of the individual elements seem to clash in color a bit (sand green jumpers, some of the curtain colors, but overall - the coloration is excellent. Great job!
  19. Great work on this build! I agree that it looked bigger than it actually was with your shots. The angled buildings make a big difference, and I really like the hands as flags/pennants. Great entry!
  20. You've packed a ton of activities into this build - a great representation of a busy medieval festival. The stilt walker and the oven are probably my favorite parts. Good work!
  21. Rogue Angel

    [Book 3] Challenge IIC: The Dead Drop

    Good use of lighting, and you did job of conveying your story effectively. Nice work.
  22. Rogue Angel

    [Book 3] Challenge IIA: Fish Fryday

    Nice use of lighting! If they are getting sick of fish and crustaceans, they may not have chosen the right place to build their new town...
  23. Rogue Angel

    CHALLENGE II: Category B: Fun and Games

    Great idea for the celebration, and you've really captured the large crowd well. The wand usage is excellent, as is the whole execution. I would like to see a little more detailing on the stands and roofs from you - would make a big difference in your builds with not a lot of extra effort. Great job!
  24. Rogue Angel

    Challenge II: Category C: A Shady Deal

    Pretty amazing build here. Great combination of techniques, coloration, tilework, photography. That 3rd story makes a big difference in the all-lego shots. The sloping street is my favorite part, but this is pretty much as complicated as you can get without turning into a 'messy' build, and this looks superb!
  25. I love the look of this build! When you look closer, it doesn't make the most sense structurally, but the colors work great together IMO, the unique roof, aqueducts, lean-to, asymmetrical figure placement, and sand green work on the bottom really make this build pop for me. It looks really full without looking cluttered.