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    Iron Man - Monte Carlo Attack

    that looks great, but wasnt the car sliced down the middle?
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    Lego Minecraft

    well today i received my first new lego kit in about 12 years! The minecraft micro world set first thought upon unboxing were of the hundreds of tiny little tiles, i had seen pictures online but wasnt expecting it! then i set about counting all my pieces, turns out i have 2-3 missing and 16extras! meaning my kit is a 494pice set and not a 480 piece kit lol got it built within the hour and as i play minecraft myself on both pc and xbox the layout of it seems quite good, but some parts dont quite make sense. The "house" on the lego set is 1 block tall, but in the minecraft game, you are 1.6blocks tall (each block representing 1metre) and the doorways are 2blocks tall which also means that the minifig (which is 2.3 bricks tall) has no chance of fitting inside the house. the gold bars are way too big and they may have been better making Ore blocks such as gold, diamond etc that are built into the walls instead of doing gold bars. another thing although trivial to anybody who doesnt play minecraft, is that when you place a water block, it will travel for 7 blocks, which would be more than the 6block size of 1:4 of the micro world i plan on placing a order of about £60 with lego in a few weeks to purchase enough blocks to expand the standard 12x12 world into a 18x18 world, complete with a couple of new characters, and then once i am happy with a layout and the amount of blocks i need for this, i will place another order with lego and see if anybody would like to purchase an expansion set of between 500 and 1000pieces so i have a couple of questions, for those of you who are interested in minecraft What would you be willing to pay for an expansion pack for the lego minecraft kit, which retails at £34 (and $34) that would more than double its size? How many pieces would you like it to contain? What new characters would you like? Would the kit be for you or a child? would you like Ore blocks (coal,diamond,iron,gold,redstone) blocks to be included? would you like minecart track blocks to be included? Thanks Gav
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    Hello from england

    chests, cakes, enchanting table, ore stones, things like that by putting transfers on the blocks i did try searching for a minecraft thread but couldnt find one anywhere?
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    Hello from england

    have always loved lego, im now 20 and unsurprisingly im a minecraft addict! joined this forum to get some inspiration and share some ideas with you as im thinking about making expansions and custom minecraft pieces to sell on ebay, that would make the standard lego minecraft 324 studs??? instead of 144 studs?? in area and introduce new mobs and items, and would allow me to be creative and fund my minecraft collection at the same time, it would be a 500+ piece expansion