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  1. Taaron

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Early in the first season, want to say Episode 1 or 2, there was a robot piloting a little (training?) mech that's some what similiar to the Battle Suits. I called Lego Shop @ Home about the Knighton Rider earlier, as I'm not sure I'll be able to get the funds available before the 31st to put in an order, and it seems like it's off the site on the 31st. Is there any chance Lego will sell this set via Toys R Us/Target/Walmart? Failing that, is there a parts list somewhere online, so I can source the parts from Bricklink or Lego Bricks n Pieces Buy Replacements?
  2. Taaron

    [MOC] Hahli: Matoran of Water

    I dig the torso mask armor. I was curious if that piece could be used in ways other than a mask. How'd you get it to stay?
  3. Taaron

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    So, I know with everyone being excited over Bionicle coming back, I'm surprised this new set was overlooked. How'd we miss it?! Seriously, I didn't see any new Bionicle at the walmart down the street, but imagine my surprise on the way out to see a set from 2008 sitting in a Return Cart while I was leaving the store. I really wish I had thought to ask how much they wanted for it.
  4. Taaron

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Spotted the full set of Protectors at Toys R Us, and then some of the protectors(Water, Stone, Ice, Fire) and Kopaka at Target. Located in the North Texas region, near the Oklahoma border.
  5. Taaron

    Legends of Chima 2015

    I'm not sure why, but I expected those bone-claw things to be the CCBS sized ones, hah. Anyhow, I managed to get Iceklaw (I wonder if that's the name of the character or the mech?) photographed late last night, though it took a couple of tries. My camera would not focus on him one bit. I'm not sure if I'll review him over here or not, but I'm in the process of gathering my thoughts on him to do a bit of a write-up for my blog.
  6. Taaron

    Legends of Chima 2015

    Heya everyone. I hadn't seen any one post pics of Iceklaw yet, so I picked him at Target. I'm in the process of building and getting him photographed, but I figured I'd toss up a quick iPhone shot of the parts layout in the meanwhile.
  7. If it's worth anything, I was about to ask about the offensive degrading/defamatory elements, too. I was sitting here scratching my head going "Lego makes offensive degrading or defamatory elements...huh?"
  8. Taaron


    Stellar collection. While Bionicle was what was got me back into Lego, I quickly went back and snapped up the Throwbots that I could. I'd still love to see a CCBS-based Throwbow/Robo Riders bundle / homage set. Speaking of which, who is the Throwbot with the motorcycle on the far left of the top picture? Is it a custom build?
  9. Taaron

    Would you like to see Castle Action Figures again

    If it'd get me armor pieces with studs on it for building, yes! I loved the KKII line, even though they had those awful asymmetrical ratchet joints. Though, to be honest, rather than a strictly Castle line, I'd rather see Lego make a line of CCBS with each non-licensed system represented. So you'll have like a Castle figure (with parts to make one of the characters in that style, be it a knight, king/queen, etc.), then one to represent Space, City, Ninjago, and so on. Maybe using the XT-4 torso to keep them that minifig-style.
  10. Taaron

    Favorite "obscure" constraction theme?

    The only one I missed out on was Galidor. If Knights Kingdom bigfigs are counting as Constraction figures, would Exo-Force count as well (since it's kinda similar to this year's Hero Factory)? (though...I wouldn't exactly call Exo Force my favorite theme. I liked the premise, but by the time they killed the line, it had felt like each year was a rehash of the previous a little bit....) I sure did love Throwbots/Slizers, though. I bought two of each set (mostly to get rid of the gimmick arms...) I'd really love to see Lego do a homage to the theme with a Throwbot/Robo-Rider duo set.
  11. Taaron

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I thought it funny, too. I'm so conflicted about Lego bringing back Bionicle, though. I enjoyed so much of Bionicle while it was running (save for 2008 till the year before Hero Factory, as those sets being so fragile you can't rebuild with them really damaged Lego's quality standards in my book.) but I can't help be a little bit bummed, since at the beginning of the year I lost something like 75% to 80% of my Bionicle collection when I moved. I was able to mostly console myself about losing by taking into consideration that Lego was moving on, I could move on and not fret too much over losing it. Now that they're bringing the line back, I'm regretting losing all those sets, again.
  12. Taaron

    CCBS New Shell Ideas/Speculation

    While I'd be surprised to see it happen with Bionicle, but I've always wanted to see Lego release some CCBS shells with stud connection points on them. If Lego could do that, i could see them doing pistons and whatnot to connect to the studs for more Bionicle style, and also release them with regular Lego sets for...whatsitcalled. greeblies?
  13. Taaron

    Mixels 2014 Discussion

    I finally got myself a set of Mixels. :D I bought the Frosticons + an extra Slumbo to keep stock in case I decide to ...Max them? I think it's called. So far I've built Slumbo, and he's pretty nifty. I like 'em. Though, I'm kind of disappointed that lego is retiring 'em. It seems like most of the stores I go to has Series 2 now, so I'm gonna have to start searching high and low to get the Series 1 guys. (A friend found a series 1 set on eBay for like $80. :S )
  14. The same method for the super glue can be done with clear nail polish as well. Just detach the ball and socket, brush on a coat on one part, let dry. Reassemble, and if it's not the tightness you want, try it on the other part. Let dry, then reassemble. That said, I haven't had to tighten ball n socket joints on Lego before. Just for models and the occasional Transformer. Usually, if I have a loose connection with a Lego Ball and Socket, the socket is usually damaged.
  15. Taaron


    That is crazy awesome. I love the crown usage.