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  1. I always get a mini heart attack when (even in the instructions) I have to push an axle on a blind hole all the way. In my mocs I took the habit to use the 4-5-8L with stop and a red bush to indicate they are sub-model connection points which could be separated easily to store the moc in a box or to separate a section to reach gearboxes or possible weak points. (I know I shouldn't leave weak points)
  2. I think that with a bit of stress you could rotate the axle-pin connectors on the blue pin, usually LEGO makes those kind of builds but with the 3L ones, not the 2L ones, but I think it could be done. Good luck extracting the 5L axles
  3. Any chance to have a Power Functions conversion to use with sbrick? My devices can't connect to hubs, even if new and meet the requirements, so I'll stay with PF and sbrick (and EV3) for a long time.
  4. Is the black one in the top center, holding the engine, a new part?
  5. Just wow! Not really fantastic but new parts and might rebuilt in black/yellow... or red /me puts it in the purchase list
  6. I don't know if it's already known: 6536 Cross Block 90° can be attached to the 4 lateral studs of the 4733 With 4 knobs but not at the top one (the error seem to be on the 4733 part, as any tecnhic part shows this behavior)
  7. Wolfolo

    Help for mecha shoulder mechanism

    It seem a bit difficult to connect it to other parts, maybe I could try with other technic connectors, I want to build it stud-out but if no other solution is possible I'm open to more suggestions.
  8. Wolfolo

    Help for mecha shoulder mechanism

    Mmmh, that's too big, I need to keep it max 3x3x2, the one on the right is already too big and can't be attached firmly. I already solved the problem in the bigger version (completely transformable too, which is on hold because of missing parts) I'm prototyping, which uses a lot of turntables, the 4x4 big ones, and the hinges you suggested. I'll try with ball joints, maybe I'll find a good compromise between aspect and functionality EDIT: with ball joints it looks ok.. now I only hope the single stud on the shoulder is enough to keep it in place EDIT: I tried the assembly with the real parts, the link arm was too short and I added another segment, the single stud connection instead doesn't work at all, the 1x2 brick modified with studs on both sides pop out by itself even at rest, I tried by replacing it with a similar part (Brick, Modified 1 x 2 x 2/3 with Studs on Sides) to be able to use a 1x1 plate which seem to be a bit more reliable, but the arms still fall down :(
  9. Wolfolo

    Help for mecha shoulder mechanism

    Only on images, but the parts seem the usual ones to me, or maybe is that I have really limited imagination, could you point me towards what you think it could suit my needs?
  10. Wolfolo

    I need help finding a piece

    You mean something like this one? http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=2661#T=S&C=11&O={"color":11} I it isn't available in LDD
  11. I'm trying to make an improvement to my Macross SDF-1 shoulder mounts. While they need to be really sturdy to be able to keep in place the Armd carriers, they should also be able to rotate, have the particle cannons on the front/back and the link should be made so it can hold the Armd in the 2 different positions while in battle mode or in ship mode. Here you can find the pictures of the current built model, and here you can see the replacement I'm working on. The problem are: only 1 stud connection for the shoulder pivot is really weak the link with hinges are right only in ship mode, but not in battle mode, as I can't rotate the Armd any more towards front The requirements are: the parts must exist (in the colour provided and not custom/modified/glued) as it is a real model the size should not be too much different than the one I used OPTIONAL: the external visible parts should exist in white, while the hinge and modified bricks/plates should exist in light bluish grey, as I'm planning a Robotech version of the SDF-1 too Thanks in advance :)
  12. I also wanted to make instruction of my MOCs (not just Technic ones) but not for sale, I'll share them for free, I don't even think about purchasing instructions from other AFOLs as I feel playing with LEGO a mean of sharing ideas and having fun. Also if I see something I like and build it, I'll give credits to the original author, doesn't matter if I used instructions or not. In my opinion there's already enough speculation with LEGO both from retail and internet stores, there's no need to go fully capitalist and trying to milk money from everywhere you can (I see this like envy: if they can why shouldn't I take my little part too?). Also I agree that IP "stealing" is bad, this is telling me that the "envy" of the last sentence is even more serious (I have no ideas, let's go make another Porsche and sell instructions), and we can see the problem even on LEGO Ideas (90% of the submissions are registered IP), this mean we are losing the battle with the fantasy and we are going full head towards "model kits". But I can't blame just the constructors, even other people just like only what they recognize so everyone has his part on this system, it's a mental process which works for everything, not just with LEGO. TL;DR Let's invent new things (not IP ones) or mod the original sets to make them even better and leave to the LEGO Group the hassle to deal with the IP of others. And we should share our experiences without trying to get advantage of the ideas of other people, doing this on our free time, for fun, like on the various modding topics which can be found in this forum.
  13. Thank you for the review Sariel, I'll purchase the Claas for sure and you review helped a lot to clear some hesitation I still had
  14. Hello friends, I would like to show some photos of the last exhibition I attended. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgUFeOGLNNfVg6tAnVvL1fTMyEPugA I would like to thank very much the original creators of the technic C-Models I exposed: - Tomik, Compact Wheel Loader - Dalafik, Heavy duty forklift - James J Tillson, Space shuttle - Piotr Gurdek, Lawnmower - Wiseman_2, Snow groomer Thank you :)