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  1. Hello everyone, Here's a little LDD creation I made recently: the police car from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. First, here's a look at the vehicle without the "stickers". GPD Cruiser0 par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Now here's what the car would look like with stickers on (yeah I'm not really a Gimp expert) GPD Cruiser1 par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The back GPD Cruiser2 par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The side GPD Cruiser3 par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The interior (the front and back seats are separated by a grid) GPD Cruiser4 par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The dashboard and a computer GPD Cruiser5 par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr With different stickers and colours, it's also possible to make police cruisers for the City theme LAPD Cruiser par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr NYPD Cruiser par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr ...or from other movies OCP Cruiser par Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr
  2. Elrond

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Interesting... that set is going to cost a fortune. :o I also always assumed they would throw Borgin & Burkes in there too like they did in the older set, even though that's located in Knockturn Alley. Hopefully they make another set with just that one at some point.
  3. Elrond

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry I'm late to the party but I missed the leaks. Which shops will likeley be included in Diagon Alley?
  4. Elrond

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    A bit disappointed by the character selection for the 2nd wave of CMF. Those that weren't already leaked are pretty bland. I was really hoping for characters with an army-building potential like death eaters or Crabbe and Goyle.
  5. Elrond

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Obviously but I've seen so many people upset about these results even though it isn't a first at this point. I was more surprised they greenlit BBT. And some themes are tougher to criticize, like you wouldn't really question the popularity of Harry Potter or Batman.
  6. Elrond

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm honestly pretty excited for the Seinfeld set but I understand why many people are disappointed with it. I myself didn't care at all for the Friends and Big Bang Theory sets and sitcoms usually aren't a favourite of mine. I just see this as a fantastic opportunity to get a set from a license that would otherwise never get a full theme, which is also what the Ideas concept is about.
  7. I agree with that and even had the same examples in mind. I don't dislike the piece and it's always good to have variety but I do much prefer the older hood piece for Jedi and Sith characters.
  8. Aside from the stormtrooper and rebel pilot helmets, I'd probably add the new Jedi/Sith hood to the list of new molds that look worse than the original. As for prints, it seems they're carrying over the TCW version of the clone torso print to the movie sets. I still think the previous one had much better proportions and wish they would revert back to it as well. Don't fix it if it ain't broken.
  9. Elrond

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Another really fantastic wave. Whoever is in charge of the Harry Potter theme is really doing a stellar job every single year. Also comparing some of these sets to the versions we got only a few years ago shows how much LEGO has improved with their designs. It's amazing to see how such a small set like the Room of Requirement has so many details for its build. So I'm also assuming that pretty much covers all of the castle... aside from maybe the courtyard and a couple of bridges, which are all pretty difficult to render in an exciting set. Hopefully we still get stuff like the Chamber of Secrets separately. I still have a few minor complaints, mostly regarding the minifigures but I admit I'm being a little nitpicky because they're all pretty good nonetheless. Firstly, while I'm really happy we finally get a Slytherin torso with a cloak I'm a little disappointed it shows up in such a big set, making it impossible to army-build (it was already the case for the one in the first wave too!). Hopefully that is fixed with a CMF series. I would also have expected the black suit version of Draco in this set. And secondly, while the dress pieces for Molly and Bellatrix are far superior to the brick they used in the past, a print would have been really nice. I feel like we're missing a ton of details, especially for Bellatrix's outfit. It was there in the original version of the minifig and it unfortunately looks a bit unfinished and incomplete here. Other than those little nitpicks, I'm really loving those sets and will gladly be supporting this line once again when it comes out.
  10. I really don't see it. They have that much larger, less detailed abdominal armour piece and the smaller, less angular chest piece. Compare the Episode III model and the minifigs to this pic: The only part that seems to be based on the movie style is the belt.
  11. Good call. Taking a closer look at the new pictures I just realized too that the new minifigs weren't going to use the existing movie-inspired prints but would instead be in the dreaded animated style. What a waste. They couldn't even reproduce the "i" symbol on the chest properly because there wasn't enough room for it due to the weird proportions. A shame since it would clearly have worked on the other print... Now I think I'm gonna pass on this set, not a fan of the animated style, especially for troopers. I thought they were on the right track after they released that Senate commando battlepack a while ago. I would have liked to get more TCW-inspired sets in a realistic style.
  12. I only want the minifigs but I hate buying them loose. :( Will we ever have a movie minifig that is not sold with a ginormous set that costs a fortune? Begins Batman, TDK Joker, SS Harley Quinn and now these 3... that's starting to get old. Even the Arkham Knight Batman was sold in an overpriced set.
  13. Elrond

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Like many, I don't really know how to feel about it. BL wasn't broken and worked really well from my pov, so any change is a potential source of issues. I can't predict the future though and maybe TLG will make it even better somehow. I almost exclusively use BL to buy retired sets so my biggest worry at the moment is whether or not this purchase will affect how those are priced and sold in the future.
  14. Is there a plan to make the new sets appeal more to younger children? The 2020 City sets look very childish as well, almost like they're all Juniors/4+. I wonder what caused it, is it a decision made by the higher-ups because they wanna try something new and possibly noticed preteens might prefer video games to actual toys... or is it due to a new team of designers or something? I just hope that's not the start of a new trend and that other themes won't be affected by it. Of course we're obviously not the target demographic and are mostly just along for the ride but it would be a shame if your average LEGO set were to become more simplified.
  15. Hello everyone, As promised in the official Jurassic World thread, I'm sharing the LDD models I made of some of the JW vehicles. Like many of you, I was a little disappointed by the vehicle builds in this theme and wanted to make my own more movie-accurate versions of some of them. Most are heavily inspired by offical LEGO builds (mostly from the City line). Note that the stickers are obviously missing from the vehicles so I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination for that part. The first vehicle is loosely inspired by the Textron Tiger armoured truck which appears towards the end of the movie. It is based on the offrad pickup truck from the 1st Avengers movie (set 6867). I turned it into a two-seater and added the rear section. JW Textron Tiger 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW Textron Tiger 3 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Up next is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van used by the ACU to track the I-rex. This one is based on an ambulance from the City theme (set 4431). JW Sprinter 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr There's enough room for about 4-5 figures in the back but it's a tight fit... JW Sprinter 4 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The next vehicle is the ACU 6x6 G36 from the same scene. This one is an original design but I'm still not 100% please with how it turned out. Hopefully you'll still like it and maybe some more talented builders will improve it. JW 6x6 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW 6x6 3 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Here's how it looks next to the Sprinter van. JW by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Next is the G-class SUV, which is pretty much JW's version of the Jeep Wrangler. I made two versions of this one, the first of which is pretty much a recoloured police SUV from set 4440. JW Mercedes 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr I then made a second version of the car, which is a two-seater with working doors. JW Mercedes 2 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr And finally, we have the Unimog. I used City set #60083 (which is a much better representation of a Unimog than the JW one) as a base for this one and tried to improve the official LEGO design from the JW theme. JW Unimog 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW Unimog 2 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The rear section was made shorter and I completely modified the interior but you can still fit standing minifigs in there without problems. JW Unimog 3 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Here's an example of the vehicle with a different rear section (this one is inspired by set 4205). JW Unimog 4 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW2 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr If you guys like them, here's the LDD file containing all the vehicles: Jurassic World Vehicles.lxf Thank you for stopping by. ;)
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    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Yeah that's the problem with free mobile games, none have good gameplay and they all rely on microtransactions. This one is no exception but it's at least playable without spending money unlike something like Gardenscapes. I don't have high hopes at all but I'm thinking if that ever happens, a polybag is the way to go. The only other option I can think of would be one of those exclusive minifigs that accompany guide books. They could also add one in the CMF line or in a Bricktober pack but I can see why they would rather use those spots for pretty much any movie character instead.
  17. Elrond

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I don't think we'll ever see a set from that game but yeah a polybag could be cool. We've seen weirder things in the past and it's kind of like the Star Wars EU in a way. Also considering FB3 won't come out for another 2 years and we haven't heard much about that open world game since last year, it's one of the only active HP material at the moment. Ben could indeed easily be made, it's too bad he's probably everyone's least favourite character lol. I could see them go for Penny or Merula. The Hufflepuff or Slytherin robes alone would be a major draw for collectors and army-builders, even if they don't know the characters or care about them. TLG will probably avoid making Badeea though as they tend to stay away from religious symbols. Charlie would be a good choice too and he has an interesting outfit but we would still be missing 2 Weasleys: Bill and Percy, although those two could still appear in future sets.
  18. Elrond

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    Yeah there's definitely more than that, like the car brands used for Speed Champions, the Flintstones or, like you said, Minecraft. Wonder what the situation for Pirates of the Caribbean or Scooby-Doo is though.
  19. Elrond

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    I would love to get a GCPD set. I was thinking of something similar in style to the Brick Bank (10251). It could include a simple patrol car and famous members of the GCPD like Bullock or Renee Montoya alongside Gordon and a couple of regular officers. When it comes to minifigs, I'd love to see: - Raven (the regular one), she's way overdue - Deathstroke (more modern outfit, maybe with an actual helmet) - Mad Hatter - Hush - Ventriloquist - Batman (Beyond) - Owlman - Catwoman (TDKR)
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    REVIEW: 75965 The Rise of Voldemort

    Wait, there's a baby Voldemort in this set? That's awesome. I couldn't find this set at my local store when I last went there unfortunately and the pics I saw online didn't seem to include one. Man, they're really doing a good job with the new HP sets. As for the rest of the set, it's pretty perfect for that scene. A great update on the old GoF set with an afforable price that focuses on the important part of the scene. My only little complaints would be about the death eater... it would have been nice to get a second one (although I get 5 minifigs for a set this small is too much). Also I'm still not fully convinced by his hat. Not sure if that's because they didn't want the minifig to look too much like a KKK member but it's not completely movie-accurate as a result. I'm even wondering if the old medieval princess hat piece wouldn't look better on them...
  21. Elrond

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    So realistically what are the chances of TLG making at least 1 character from the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game? It seems to be somewhat popular even if it likely appeals to a much smaller market. I reckon they must be pretty low but you never know, they could always make a popular character in a polybag or something...
  22. Eh, it starts out strongly but ends pretty poorly and in a rush. It has some great moments but looking back at that last couple of seasons, a lot of people would probably advise you to not even bother. Still the whole undead-looking knight + ice combo made me think of that.
  23. Oh yeah, the emblem on the shield definitely is a nod to that but back in the day, those knights were typically regular humans (and a witch) with cool helmets. This possessed/reanimated knight in rusty armor wielding an ice sword really screams GOT to me.
  24. It's nice to see more original minifigs after all this time. I still liked the licensed CMF's, don't get me wrong, but some variety is always welcome. I can't wait to get my hands on the mummy, the monkey king, the adventurer and especially the black knight (clearly inspired by GOT but I'm thinking that armour might be perfect for a vampire warlord) and the bounty hunter. That last one made me realize that helmet could be a decent base for an Arkham Knight minifig too.
  25. Elrond

    [LDD] Jurassic World Vehicles MOCs

    I did not make the Pinzgauer, this was Imanol's creation. All the vehicles I made are in the file I posted in the original message. :( I'm currently remaking the G-wagen though so maybe I'll post an update if I'm happy with the end result.