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  1. HayHay

    [MOC/MOD] Harley Quinn's Pet Shop

    Thank you for all kind replies and suggestions. You are right. The purple is not for Harley. Actually, I started to make 'Catwoman's pet shop' and changed mind. I should have changed the color to red. However, I want to keep the purple parts to make tone down. Entire red and black color was too strong. Quinn's pet shop & Ivy's florist
  2. HayHay

    [MOC] Avengers: Age of Ultron

    OMG! Speechless! Awesome!
  3. Here is my 'Harley Quinn's Pet Shop'. I copied some layout from [10218] Pet Shop. Front: Harley Quinn’s Pet Shop by Hay Core, on Flickr The Harley Quinn's motor bike is designed by LEGO video game. I copied it. 1st Floor: 2nd Floor: Roof: "Na na na na Come on Come on Come on I like it Like it" Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. The Street of Superheroes
  4. HayHay

    Displaying your superhero town

    This is great. It seems real chaotic superhero towm. These are how I display superhero town and play with my children: Superhero Town by Hay Core, on Flickr
  5. HayHay

    Outdoor Food Court

    Robert8, lightningtiger and MusicaRibelle Thank you! I really appreciate your advice. I will try to make a food truck. It reminds me of my university. Thanks again
  6. HayHay

    Outdoor Food Court

    I bought a '41092 Stephanie's Pizzeria' and wanted to make it into a building. At the same time, 'Lego Idea: Mini Shop Series' inspired me to make this creation. [MOC] Outdoor Food Court by Hay Core, on Flickr 1. [MOD] Pizzeria & Bakery stand (Owner: Stephanie) 2. Stars Coffee Shop & Piggy Juice Stand 3.Uni Corn Ice Cream Shop & LEGO Fried Chicken Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. This outdoor fod court will be located at the corner of street of Superheroes: The Street of Superheroes by Hay Core, on Flickr
  7. HayHay

    [MOC/MOD] A.I.M Lab.

    Thank you for all kind replies. It's updated. The Street of Superheroes
  8. HayHay

    [MOC/MOD] A.I.M Lab.

    This is my another modularized superheroes building. The building is based on '76018 : Hulk Lab Smash'. Some parts of Knowhere Escape Mission (76020) were used for the roof. I used most bricks from Lego store pick-a-brick except those products. It is a still work in progress. I need some plates and tiles to complete it. Front [WIP] Modularized A.I.M on Flickr Two-story building 1st floor The portal machine designed from 'Lego Movie' is updated. 2nd floor Taskmaster on Flickr Thor on Flickr The roof Thanks for looking. Comments, suggestions and grammar corrections are more than welcome. Here are other modularized buildings: Daily Bugle: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83150 Super bank: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83039 Fun house: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83074
  9. HayHay

    [MOC/MOD] Spider-man Car & Robot

    Because my son took all villains. Please take this as a kind of 'Civil war'
  10. My son wanted Spider-man car and robot so I made them for him. The Spider-man car with [30302] the Spider-man glider by Hay Core, on Flickr. Spider-man robot. It could be Rhino buster by Hay Core, on Flickr. The body is based on [70500] Ninjago robot and the firing right hand is inspired by [79105] Baxter Robot. All comments are more than welcome.
  11. Thanks KZB, MorrisMethod, B Rick, Green and beartrapper Yes, Here it is: I've added 'Poison Ivy Florist' and 'Toy Museum'. Currently, I'm working on modularized A.I.M Lab. :-) [MOC] Street of Superheroes by Hay Core, on Flickr
  12. HayHay

    [MOC] Batman & Son - Father's Mantel

    Great! Awesome! A picture tell a lot of stories and make me imagine.
  13. HayHay

    [MOC] Poison Ivy’s Florist Shop

    whydoris, Lego Spy, Colossus, CptPJs, kdenty, Xcod119 and Dayton, Thank you all for kind words. Poison Ivy by Hay Core, on Flickr
  14. HayHay

    MOC: Florist

    Thank you for sharing. Everything is awesome! Your masterpiece inspires me to build 'Poison Ivy's Florist Shop'. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=92614 I copy some layout and tile pattern from your building. I hope It is fine without your permission.
  15. eliza' florist inspires me to create this building. eliza' florist: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=91046 Here is my 'Poison Ivy's Florist Shop'. I copied some layout and floor tile pattern from the eliza's florist. Most of bricks are from Lego store pick-a-brick so, the building looks like a 'LEGO Friends' building. [MOC] Poison Ivy’s Florist Shop by Hay Core, on Flickr Front and Side A signboard shows I V. I can not put Y on the board. Back and Side Does poison Ivy need stairs? I don't know. I just put a cheap ladder. 1st Floor The building is disguised as a normal florist shop. Ivy's henchman is a count clerk. 2nd Floor Ivy's room on the second floor. I copied the design of candles and a display case. The problem is I can not remember where I saw them. I'm sorry I can not cite it. Roof Poisoned flowers are grown on the rooftop garden. Do not buy them. Thanks for looking. Comments, suggestions and grammar corrections are more than welcome. Super Heroes X Modular [MOC] Street of Superheroes by Hay Core, on Flickr