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    The Arrow

    I agree here about Cuusoo. I just wish TLG would clarify whether they would even consider a technic submission. With already having technic challenge I would accept the fact that they aren't going take any technic through Cuusoo, I would just like to know one way or another.
  2. tbird8057

    Lego Technic 2013 sets & info

    At my local TRU in Yonkers, New York the 42008 is selling for $153.99 and the 42009 for $263.99
  3. I bet that impressed you teacher. Great job!
  4. tbird8057

    Akiyuki 's liftarm sorter

    I NEED ONE!!! Oh wait I confused need and want again.
  5. tbird8057

    Favorite Lego Technic sets ?

    I'm going to have to go with the Flatbed 8109. I love movement of the bed but how the tow fork folds out is what really leaves me in awe.
  6. tbird8057

    American dump truck

    Great model. I was curious about the leaf springs. Having read your write up I don't quite understand what parts you used for the leaves themselves. Are the studfull lift arms?
  7. I'd usually think think that a 3 minute video would be a bit long but I could watch this tank do it's thing for hours (or at least 4 minutes)
  8. tbird8057

    Ford Fiesta WRC

    Those are some great decals you've created!
  9. tbird8057

    Amphibious Vehicle

    Maybe he was using this: http://www.neverwet.com/ This stuff is amazing!
  10. tbird8057

    Amphibious Vehicle

    Wow, this is crazy. I can believe he was able to climb that rock straight out of the water. Did it look like he was pulling the cord to help it out?
  11. tbird8057

    Makorol's GBC

    I really like that trick you use to pause the sliding container at each end. Als you have got some great video production skills!
  12. tbird8057

    Review - 42009 Mobile Crane MKII

    Good review. I can also attest to the fact that differentiating between the black and dark bluish grey beams is something TLG could really work on.
  13. tbird8057

    9398 price drop on amazon.co.uk

    Nice I'll have to jump on about five of these.
  14. tbird8057

    Log trailer

    Because the two wheels on the axle with the turn table are directly connected to each other and have to move in the same direction they can't turn with the turntable. Sure, you can drag one wheel as you turn, but that's not how it should work.
  15. tbird8057

    Log trailer

    I built this but ran into a couple problems. With the front wheels being on the same axle instead of being independent they can't rotate about the turntable. Also, the wheel arches on that first axle being attached to the chassis, the wheels run into them when turning. They need to be attached to the axle. I'll see what I can do and if I have any luck I'll post. Thanks though for the design.