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  1. kotua

    Which is your favourite cycle shop?

    I voted for 6699. I like how it's for both Motorcycles and bicycles. Lego should make a new cycle shop with the new motorcycles (or bring back the older ones.). That would be pretty cool.
  2. Highly doubt it. Why would Kevin do that? It is puzzling, and worriesome(sp?) that without warning it just stopped working. :'-( Hopefully it will get fixed.
  3. kotua

    2007 Summer City pics

    The octan gas station awakened me from my "dark age". pretty cool that it has an yellow civilian car! wow...I also like the train station. Its not too big. I also like the boat and the stuff that comes with it, but I don't think I will be able to get the money to buy it(Looks like it'll be expensive)...:(. I also like the trash can truck. Its just a pity I took apart my Lego city....but I'll still try to buy the sets...
  4. kotua

    New Creator - Summer

    Looks like Lego is improving the creator house sets every year...! This is definitely something that I want to buy....hmm...even though I no longer have my little "city" to put it in :(.
  5. kotua

    Exo force MAGNET SET!!!!!

    Hmm...I had indeed hoped for Exo-Force magnets...Yay! Now I can get those cool Exo-Force torsos without having to waste alot of money. But why aren't there any robots magnets? I mean, the CITY, Batman, and SW magnets had good guys and bad guys...
  6. kotua

    Get your own Space tag!

    Space beats SW...yet again! Thanks for the space tag! Yay! *sweet*
  7. kotua

    New set 10177

    I agree with you...but the thing is people want to see stuff like they see on brickshelf galleries. I like the engine thingies. I just hope its not too expensive... I find it kinda funny it comes with the display stand and the little stat card like the SW UCS stuff. Still, nice to see town get into UCS too.
  8. kotua

    V-wing on S@H

    Finally Princess Leia comes in a set less than 99.99USD! Pity its in a re-released set though. I haven't gotten chewbacca, Han, Leia, or that other pilot dude, so I might get this set for those figs, and to have another X-Wing. As long as the price its not above 39.99, I might buy it.
  9. kotua

    Get your own Space tag!

    Despite liking Town, I also like Space. Could I please have a space tag?
  10. kotua

    Lego Digital Designer Problem

    Sometimes Lego runs low on some parts...and that's why theyre momentarily marked as "not available". Sometimes that's annoying because they don't put the price(It's marked as 0.00 USD), and one can't check the price of a model... I hope lego adds more 1x1 tile pieces in different colors and with printed stuff....and more windshields...
  11. kotua

    Brickshelf find: High-sky fighter

    Looks like he made another MOC...Interesting how he continues making the "box" designs... Dive Bomber
  12. kotua

    Brickshelf find: High-sky fighter

    When the Lego logo is printed on something, it usually has the Copyright symbol(The circle with a C in it.) This one doesn't , so it's a fake...but a very good fake. It does look like something coming out from Lego...'cept The Lego Group would have probably used Click hinges...they're obsessed with using them.
  13. kotua

    happy birthday evil willy!!

    Happy Birthday Evil Willy! :)
  14. Yay, It's my Birthday! Happy Birthday to Mattzitron, and morten_sonne too!
  15. kotua

    Mongoose ATV

    Lol. Yeah, but what if the person riding on it had a weapon(Sort of like the Dino Attack Steel Sprinter)? ---- To Lego2000: Can a fig with a airtank fit on the ATV? Why don't you put a more "lively" minifig other than the current "Dummy" fig?