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  2. alex12

    Magic in Lego Kingdoms; what role does it play?

    I think its a bit early to see where Lego is going with this incarnation of Castle. When we start to see pics of next years sets we'll have a better idea. It certainly looks more classic but a wizard tells me fantasy may make an appearance again. Like others have said dragons may yet turn up and ghosts would be a welcome nod to the past. I have no issues with magic and fantasy in castle . Its like the strange flick fire missiles , you no like you can take it out quite easily. As long as Lego makes sure it appeals to kids so the line continues i say magic us up if it means i can have my Castle fix.
  3. alex12

    Review: 7947 Prison Tower Rescue

    Great review dude. This and the impulse sets are the only new castle i'm planning on getting and as a huge castle fan that upsets me. This set looks striking but all the other kingdoms sets feel like re-hashes of better past fantasy era sets. Mini figs are awesome though . Bricklink here i come.
  4. alex12

    UK Sales

    Argos and amazon have the 4 smaller prince of persia sets for 20 % off . Good times.
  5. alex12

    Legoshops in London

    Bluewater ? I love the place Lego and hugo boss under one roof. As a Lego brand store it usually has all current lego sets and some past ones that haven't quite sold through yet. If there are sets you really want you could ring and ask about what they have. If i can't get the things i want from legos online site i go there and haven't been disappointed yet. Bluewater is in the middle of nowhwere though. It takes me 30 mins to drive to and i live in essex don't know about getting there from London.
  6. alex12

    Legoshops in London

    I don't of many really good ones to be honest. Hamleys has lots of lego of all ranges but is quite expensive compared to places like Argos etc. John Lewis is good on price but doesn't have a huge range so it depends what you are looking for. Your post got me thinking that nowhere has an awesome selection apart from Legos own stores. Lucky to live near Bluewater i guess. Sorry .
  7. alex12

    Big Modular Sets?

    Personally i don't like them together. I have cafe corner , green grocer and the fire station and they are quite big. I know its not easily available anymore but the town plan looks a lot better with city corner and the farm. It may be worth getting one of the mods because they are awesome and see how you feel.
  8. alex12

    Review : 3675 General Store

    Great review . I had forgotten how cool Fabuland is. We definately need more reviews of Fabuland. Its awesome. Lego should stop messing around with Toy Story and give us more of this.
  9. I would like to see a tavern and a treasurey for the little port they had out this year. More civilians. A desert island with a shipwreck filled with loot on it. New treasure in pearl gold ie coins candlesticks etc. A new soldier ship. The return of the spanish.
  10. alex12

    The Lost Temple Of Angkor Wat

    This is really awesome. As someone who has been to Angkor and spend a lot of time exploring the temples you have really captured the way they have been reclaimed by the jungle. Its beautiful yet earily quiet. Reminds me more of Ta Prohm than Wat though.
  11. alex12

    Do you sort your sets?

    I think part of the fun ( and sometimes frustration ) is to dump all the bags , numbered or not , onto the table and go from there. This does backfire every now and then with the more piecey sets. I feel cheated if its too easy with the numbered bags but for kids its a really good idea.
  12. alex12

    Lego Lord Of The Rings sets ideas

    Some great ideas. I would love a lego Galadriel. Maybe Lego could go back to a classic castle theme and have a fantasy LOTR as well. ( A vain hope i know ) What about Bag End ? That would be cool and its the start of the adventures.
  13. alex12

    Review: 10196 Grand Carousel

    Fantastic review. The pictures are stunning. I'm not sure if i'm gonna get this one as it doesn't rely fit in with my town. ( Its too big) The minifigs are shameful though.
  14. I'd get rid of stickers for sure. Mainly because i'm rubbish at applying them. Lego do waste cardboard and should cut down but i don't agree its overpriced at all. I love lego and will pay whatever.
  15. alex12

    3840 Pirate Code: Now available!

    All these new games look really good I think i will wait til the next time i go to bluewater to get a closer look at them before i decide if i'm gonna get a few. The prices are reasonable and this Pirate one is the best.