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  1. Mr Hyde

    Collectible Minifigures Series so far

    Nice job putting the images together Robert8. It's hard to decide for me. Series 6 had something special, but I think the increased detail of some late series' has it beat. Series 13 for the win.
  2. Falconer!! Exciting idea! Medieval would be best IMO. Although, Mongolian or Arabian could be cool too. Has anyone mentioned a bellhop? A red hat and a jacket with gold/yellow buttons on each side could look very well. And of course a suitcase for each hand.
  3. I want the same thing that I wanted when I was ten years old.... a robot butler! and my wife may as well have her own too!! Merry Christmas all!
  4. Mr Hyde

    30 inches tall LEGO Snowman

    Looks great! I agree that the real scarf was a nice touch.
  5. Mr Hyde

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013: Now on!

    I'm really excited to have won! Finding out was a great start to the day! Unfortunately, I don't have enough posts to send Copmike a PM with my address Is there another way?
  6. I too would welcome a donate button, but I would hate to alienate people by offering premium/extra features for paid members. Having EB as a pay only site seems out of the question to me (amazing as it is).
  7. Mr Hyde

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    This is the first build that I've ever posted. Thanks for the motivation. Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. 1) Moai / Easter Island "Head" (with body) Gender: Male Occupation/print on torso: Grey/ possibly with a rock like speckled effect Type of headgear: Enlarged head Type of facial expression: sombre/ expressionless Type of legs: possibly short Accessory: A green baseplate symbolizing grass would be cool but may be controversial 2) Old (1950's?) Style Paperboy Gender: Male print on torso: suspenders & shirt Type of headgear: cap Type of facial expression: shouting Legs: short legs. could be wearing shorts. Accessory: newspaper & bag/ satchel 3) Kendo fighter : Pros- Would match well with the other Japanese minfigs. Easy for LEGO to make by re-using existing parts from ninjago. Cons- Not fresh. LEGO will re-use existing parts from ninjago ;) Occupation/print on torso: Kendo uniform Type of headgear:Kendo uniform Type of facial expression: determined Accessory: A shinai (kendo sword-like weapon) 4) Polish Winged Hussar : 15th-18th century cavalry. Possibly the most badass soldiers ever. Pros- Awesome costume, which incorporated wings, many weapons and later cool shields. Cons- "A winged what?" Gender:Male Torso: Armour and Wings! Type of headgear: helmet Type of facial expression: Confident Accessory: Long lance( maybe a sabre for his left hand) 5) Irish Harp Player Gender: Female Occupation/print on torso: Harpist Head: Red hair. Freckles. Type of facial expression: Lovely! Color on torso/legs: Green clothes Accessory: Harp! .......................................................................................................................... I'm not sure if I used anyone elses ideas I couldn't read all 23 pages. Sorry if I did. Personally I would be happy with anything Roman related. Flag bearers, any kind of soldier, women, another gladiator.... anything! Out of the ideas I've read, I think the invisible man has the most potential. Also, I think a Terracotta warrior and a Satyr could be great. I would love to see some old ideas re-done. Such as the Anubis or a Sensie Wu like Kung Fu master character, but maybe others prefer more original minfigs. Did anyone mention a Canadian Mountie? That would be cool. Or what about an Ancient assassin ( who fought Sparta)? I'm expecting a female zombie very soon.
  9. Too bad that it seems like they only ship within europe :(
  10. I'm hoping that the title 'Barbarian' is fairly loose and it's actually modeled after Genghis khan. Apart from a Terra cotta warrior, Genghis is top of my most wanted list. I like this idea: I'd also love to see how Lego would pull off an invisible man. Just no 'Robot Skater' please!