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  1. Lorentzen

    Photobucket messing up my Pirate reviews

    Thanks guys. I decided to go with Flickr... It's a tedious job, but now the Skull's Eye Schooner review is up and running again. Now it's time to repair the Black Seas Barracuda and Caribbean Clipper reviews before focusing on the rest in a few days
  2. Hi guys I'm not sure whether you already discussed this about photo bucket.com, but all my pictorial reviews lost the pictures because photobucket.com wants me to pay for 3rd party photo hosting. Do you have an idea for where I can upload my pictures from all my different reviews, so they can be shown on this forum again? Best regards, Kristian
  3. Lorentzen

    Video Review - 6286 - Skull's Eye Schooner

    Thanks for the kind words - they are just 'short, sweet reviews' as I like to call them. There are so many impressive video reviews out there (for example BrickPlanet's stop motion or Jangbricks) but I think that these short 'pictures as video' review are a good, quick way of getting to know the sets. Tomorrow I will do Lagoon Lock-Up and Forbidden Island :)
  4. Lorentzen

    Video Review - 6286 - Skull's Eye Schooner

    Thanks for the heads up - I think I'm going to change that and upload a new version of the video. ...and keep that in mind when I make other reviews. But is it because you use a phone to see the review, or is it also a problem on bigger screens?
  5. Hi guys... I've been at it again. I decided to put the pictures from my Pictorial Review of the magnificent Skull's Eye Schooner into an iMovie video. It's so easy, but it gives the review a new life, and it could appeal to those who do not want to read a normal review. Here is the link, if you would like to see it: I'm still not too sure about speaking in my reviews, so for now, they are just pictures, text and music C&C is welcomed
  6. Lorentzen

    Video review - Rock Island Refuge - 6273

    Thanks - I couldn't figure out how to embed the video, so it's great that you helped out. I will definitely try to figure out how to embed videos the next time I post a review here.
  7. Hi guys A few years ago, I wrote a review of the wonderful set 6376 Breezeway Café. Today I took all the pictures from that set and made a little video review - I am in the process of making all my reviews into video-styled reviews for those who are too lazy to read through a review If you would like to see the video, here is a link: Comments are very welcomed - I am still trying to find the perfect recipe for these video reviews Have a nice day
  8. Lorentzen

    LEGOLAND Billund Discussion & Photos

    Hello everybody Last time I went to Legoland Billund - I do so at least once a year - I took some photos of the Miniland park. I love to walk around that part of Legoland and I always end up in a great mood. I tried to incorporate that into a small video with all the pictures on a string - iMovie is great for creating small videos very quickly. If you want to look at the pictures, here is the link to the video: What is your opinion on the use of mostly regular bricks and plates? I like it - it's so genuinely Lego Have a nice day
  9. Hello everybody A handful of years ago I wrote a pictorial review of set 6062 - Battering Ram and posted it on this forum. I have decided to try my hands on editing video - I have made the old pictorial review into a short video review for those too lazy to read the entire review from back then For those interested, here is the link Sorry for the picture quality - I can't find the original pictures, so I just used those from the review I am still trying to find the perfect recipe for making video reviews, so comments and critique are very welcomed Have a nice day
  10. Lorentzen

    A video visit at Star Wars Miniland in Billund

    Hmmm... I think they try to keep Miniland as classic as possible with the use of basic bricks and plates - if they started to use all the newer bricks, the overall classic feel would get lost in it all. But its a good thing that we have official sets and MOCs on here - they are a joy to look at, too
  11. Lorentzen

    Video review - Rock Island Refuge - 6273

    Yeah, I know... commentaries... I'm still debating whether or not I want to do that - I have seen many great videos with good commentaries, but most of them are made by native english/american speakers. I'm Danish, so I suspect my accent would be a turn off to some
  12. Lorentzen

    A video visit at Star Wars Miniland in Billund

    I love how they use the pieces in such a creative way - It must be difficult to design the figures especially - all of the buildings and the machines are probably not as difficult to design, although I appreciate the immense work on all of these. I love the Miniland scale
  13. Hi guys A few years ago, I visited Legoland Billund (I actually do each year) and took some pictures of the Star Wars Miniland. Today, I made it into a short video Enjoy :)
  14. Hi everybody It's been ages since I last posted something on here - although I keep coming back here to read various topics. A few years ago I wrote a handful of Pirate set reviews, and posted them here on this forum. I have decided to try my hands on short video reviews of the same sets... I know that there are already many video reviews of pirate sets, but who are we to complain about even more of them The first one I have done into a video review is Rock Island Refuge - set no. 6273 Unfortunately, the pictures are of bad quality, but the next videos I plan to make should be with better pictures. If you want to, you can take a look at the short review right here: The music is royalty free - the composer: Ross Bugden - thanks to him for making free music for us to use in videos. Enjoy - and I hope to get some feedback, so that I can make even better reviews in the future Blackbeard's Brick Reviews
  15. Lorentzen

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    The blue arches shouldn't be so expensive any longer, as they are in a Christmas set, I think? But the light bluish grey door is very expensive. You could swap that with the version that is hinged to the opposition side... I can't remember which side though ;) Plus, the white panels for the glass-less windows are insanely expensive too. Swap those with the new version panels with side support